13 Best Free Alternative to Grammarly

Are you searching for the best free alternative to Grammarly? In this article, you will get 13 best free Grammarly alternatives that you can use for error-free writings.

Grammarly is one of the most common and commonly used grammar verification, spell checking, and plagiarism verification software tools.


Grammarly makes the writing flawless and simplified by avoiding minor errors such as a hyphen, comma, capital letter, etc. In addition, it includes an AI-powered writing assistant that allows you to write clearly and use succinct words at the right time without any errors.

Not limited to that, it helps you to work without interruption on any platform and corrects you each time you write emails, post tweets, etc. To support you with all your writing needs, Grammarly’s Chrome extension is just awesome and lightweight. You may also love to read: Best Zoom App Alternatives.

This method, however, does not allow you to recognize all misuses of correctly spelled but misplaced words. It does not understand poorly crafted sentences at times.

Why do you need Free Grammarly alternatives

  • The free version is very limited and has only one thing to do with your writing, i.e. to correct your writing for spelling and grammar.
  • For those who rely on Grammar for their writing entirely, please note that it does not fit for all the apps you work on.
  • Their promotional campaign is very proactive and, basically, even though the standards are lower, they only want you to upgrade to premium plans.
  • It can not be considered as a complete substitute for a proofreader when we equate it to a human proofreader.
  • Some individuals can hesitate to pay $29 per month just to check their writing for grammar.
  • The app also misbehaves and displays red highlights, even though there are no errors.

List Of 13 free Alternative to Grammarly

  1. SmallSEOTools.com 
  2. Slick Write
  3. ProWritingAid
  4. Autocrit
  5. Ginger
  6. PaperRater
  7. Hemmingway
  8. Writefull
  9. LanguageTool
  10. SentenceCheckup
  11. Online Correction
  12. Reverso
  13. Virtual Writing

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1. SmallSEOTools.com

SmallSEOTools.com is a famous online platform that provides you with tons of free online tools. The tools available on this website help you in managing your website, creating high-quality content, and performing other crucial professional tasks. The grammar checker present on this website is one of the best tools you can find over the web. You can find all the grammatical errors in your writing within a few seconds using this advanced online tool.

free grammar checker

Grammar Checker’s Features

  • Offers you a fast and flawless grammar checking facility.
  • Allows you to check grammar mistakes in your writing without paying a single penny.
  • Helps you find repetitive phrases and give you suggestions of context-sensitive types.


The grammar checker is free to Use. There is no pricing available for this facility.

2. Slick Write

In your paragraphs, SlickWrite highlights errors, such as repetitive phrases, passive voice, adverbs, and common starting words, repeated words, etc. This one is a free alternative to Grammarly.

It provides various choices that are incorporated. The popup appears at the bottom when you pick a word, where you can find related words and the meaning of the thesaurus or dictionary.


Slick Write Features

  • Display Statistics main
  • Index of Prepositional Expression
  • Enables you to verify the Readability Index
  • The flow, sentence length, and word length of your content structure.

WhiteSmoke Pricing

It is totally free to use. No premium plans are available.

3. proWritingAid

The editing app, Plagiarism checker, Grammar checker, and Style editor to improve your writing and English skills are ProWritingAid. The app serves as your tutor or personal writing coach, so you feel secure anytime you introduce yourself.

The best thing is that Google Docs and all the other sites still work on it. The program for ProWritingAid is mainly used by fiction & non-fiction authors, bloggers & content writers, students, business writers, etc.

prowritingaid features 1

ProWritingAid Features

  • In-depth reports for the study of your writing that contain more than 20 different styles of reports.
  • Better integration with Google Chrome & Docs, Microsoft suite, Apache Open Office, Scrivener, etc.
  • In order to recommend synonyms for each word in your text, the Contextual Thesaurus report helps you to explore various wordings easily.
  • Word explorer to find the correct words and detailed explanations for saving your time from various dictionaries.
  • Grammar-checking manuscript editing software helps to identify repetitive phrases, suggestions of context-sensitive types, and imagine lengths and variations of sentences.

ProWritingAid Pricing

  • ProWritingAid Free: Free plan.
  • ProWritingAid Premium: $60 per year.
  • ProWritingAid Premium+: $70 per year.

ProWritingAid Bad Sides

  • The extension is for Chrome only and not for Safari, iOS, or Firefox.
  • It provides no monthly plan at all.

Opinion: The overall output of ProWritingAid is very good and, according to the numerous customer feedback, the software is satisfying. It is the best free alternative to Grammarly.

4. Autocrit

To fix their grammar and spelling errors, AutoCrit is the self-editing platform accessible to a writer. It provides a full-text processor and editing suite capabilities. The tool also allows spelling and grammar to be tested.


Autocrit Features

  • Fully-featured word processor and tool for editing.
  • This makes it easy to write and edit as much as you want.
  • Free checker for spelling & grammar.
  • It gives you access to a range of interactive editing resources, including Adverbs, Repeat, and Readability.
  • Provide the best guidelines for editing based on thorough research into publishing practices in the real world.
  • Provide your manuscript with safe online storage.

Autocrit Pricing

  • Autocrit Basic Plan: Free
  • Autocrit Professional Plan: $30/month
  • Autocrit Elite Plan: $80/month

5. Ginger

Ginger software is an Israeli start-up that utilizes Natural Language Processing, improves written communication, builds English-speaking skills, and increases efficiency in writing.

With the assistance of its grammar checker and punctuation tools that identify and fix grammar errors automatically, the app allows you to write faster and better. It also runs on multiple platforms, such as a smartphone app, a desktop app, a web application, etc.


Ginger Features

  • With the assistance of the Sentence Rephraser method, it allows you to write unique text and enrich the text.
  • Emoji for expressing yourself, word prediction for the nature of pace as you type, and keyboard themes that are customizable.
  • A dictionary to never miss a word, a translator to never stop you, and a personal trainer to enhance your English skills.
  • It is also available for all browser styles, such as Windows, Chrome, Safari, iOS, Mac, and Android keyboards.
  • Grammar rules to ensure that your writing is correct and to verify errors with a single tap for proofreading.

Ginger Pricing

Ginger offers a Free plan like Grammarly and the other pricing plans in three different forms:

  • Monthly: $20.97/month
  • Annual: $7.49/month
  • Two Years: $6.66/month

6. PaperRater

PaperRater is an online web-based grammar and spelling checker created specifically for students to review their articles.

It does rigorous grammar testing that helps to identify cheeky errors and offers recommendations for improving writing with its proofreading framework.

Additionally, in just 5-15 seconds, the app produces immediate results using Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.


PaperRater Features

  • Artificial Intelligence is also operated by it and offers state-of-the-art grammar testing for texts.
  • Detection of plagiarism with an originality score that indicates the volume of text or percentage of your writing is original.
  • When you’re writing, Vocabulary Builder offers numerous terms, phrases, meanings, and examples to strengthen your English skills.
  • Automated scoring system to reflect a rough understanding of what in your writing you would rank.
  • Grammar & spelling checker, directions for input & writing, simple real-time & real results with automatic proof-reader.

PaperRater Pricing

PaperRater is a free tool to use and it also has a $14.95 per month Premium plan for those requiring advanced functionality.

7. Hemingway

By eliminating the dead weight from your content by showing wordy sentences in yellow and more egregious ones in red, the Hemingway App lightens up your work.

It allows you to keep your writing clear, by highlighting adverbs, passive voices, and complicated sentences with great clarity.

In Hemingway Editor, you can start writing directly to proofread your writing and see where you need to concentrate more.


Hemingway Features

  • Without any Internet connection, it can be used remotely from anywhere.
  • With just one click of a button, format your prose, and Hemingway will handle it all.
  • Publish your content with one-click integration directly to Medium or WordPress.
  • Export the content to external editors, such as Microsoft Editor, as well.
  • With Hemingway’s highlights, share your work with your peers.

Hemingway Pricing

Basic web app version is free. However, you need to pay $19.99 to download the app.

Hemingway Bad Sides

  • For a paid plan, no browser plugin.
  • Lack of potential for grammar.

It’s free version is one of the best free alternative to Grammarly.

8. Writefull

Writefull provides you with features that help you enhance your writing content and accuracy.

By testing your text against broad language databases, such as Google Books, Google Scholar, Google News, and others, Writefull offers easy feedback on your writing.

writefull features 1

Writefull Features

  • Enable you to hear the pronounced text
  • Find common terms that are used in the article
  • Check the synonyms of a word given
  • This helps you to translate your text into English.

Writefull Pricing

It is totally free and open source tool. There is no Premium plan yet.

9. LanguageTool

LanguageTool is software for proofreading which checks your content for grammatical, style, and spelling errors. Besides, it is the only tool in more than 20 languages that tests your writing.

In English, French, German, and other languages, the tool comes with thousands of patterns for identifying mistakes. The Premium plan is intended for students, writers, and freelancers, and for agencies, corporations, etc. enterprise plans are suitable.

LanguageTool grammar checker features 1

Language Tool Features

  • For browsers like Firefox and Chrome, an add-on is available.
  • Google Docs, LibreOffice, and Microsoft Word Add-On.
  • Help for multiple languages, Personal dictionary, and Autocorrect.
  • Suggested fixes, keyboard shortcuts, and anonymity dependent on laws.
  • An open-source online proofreading tool for error and problem detection.

Language Tool Pricing

LanguageTool offers one free plan for 20,000 characters checking.

Language tool Paid plans include:

  • Premium: 40,000 characters ($4.92/month).
  • Enterprise: 40,000+ characters ($39/month).

10. SentenceCheckup

SentenceCheckup is a free online grammar and spelling checker tool that conducts a comprehensive check to make your records error-free and enhance your writing.

Not only does the program help to spot grammatical errors, but it also tests the structure of the sentence to make the article simpler and more concise.

In your text, the editor often searches for incorrect words and substitutes them with the correct words.


SentenceCheckup Features

  • Online sentence checker, fully free, and advanced.
  • To make it more meaningful, check the structure of your post.
  • In order to detect mistakes and errors, grammar tests the sentences.
  • It operates with sophisticated algorithms to make it easier to search and delete errors.

SentenceCheckup Pricing

It is totally free and does not offer any plans for pricing.

SentenceCheckup Bad Sides

  • The tool works on an advanced algorithm, but for professionals who need advanced functionality, it’s still not a great choice.

11. Online Correction

The OnlineCorrection.com tool helps you to find spelling errors and highlight them. It also highlights several errors related to grammar and style.

With the aid of this tool, proofreading any text is simple as it provides a minimalist interface that is easy to navigate and fast.

OnlineCorrection features 1

Online Correction Features

  • Check Mistakes in Grammar and Spelling
  • Stylistic clues
  • Verify stylistic problems
  • Auto-Correction Correction
  • Offers proposals for the development of sentences and vocabulary
  • Supports dialects in English

Online Correction Pricing

OnlineCorrection.com is a free-to-use grammar checker, so this tool does not ask you to pay any fees.

12. Reverso

Online translation and grammar checks are provided by Reverso in 14 different languages, including French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, etc.

Its online translator offers translations into various languages for words , phrases, idioms, and short texts. It also offers correct translations to help users develop their vocabulary with the new technologies.


Reverso Features

  • Instant translations into several languages with contextual examples of use.
  • Accurate results for sentences with a guide to natural pronunciation.
  • To access the tool, no Internet connection is needed.
  • The choice to access reverse translations and the history of searches.
  • Real-time tips, outcome sharing, and word memorization flashcards.

Reverso Pricing

It has one Free plan supports up to 2500 words.

Its paid plans have:

  • Advanced: Pay as you go.
  • Customized: Custom pricing.

13. Virtual Writing

It is another effective method for grammar verification. Bloggers, journalists, and other practitioners use the tool extensively. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, paraphrasing, and vocabulary controls are used by the Interactive Writing Teacher.

It also provides a word count function that shows in an essay, article, or any other material the number of words.


Virtual Writing Features

  • Vocabulary regulates and enriches
  • Clichés and words of influence
  • Vocabulary associated with the sector
  • Goal Frameworks
  • Games for Correction of Grammatical errors

Virtual Writing is one of the best free alternatives to Grammarly.


To write professional and error-free content, everyone needs a Grammar Checker, Proofreader, or Plagiarism Checker tool.

These methods also allow authors to improve their productivity, save time, and be more efficient. The money needed to employ an editor for proofreading is also saved by these tools.

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All the other software, except for WhiteSmoke, provides a free grammar-checking and correcting plan. As each plan is restricted, you can use any of the instruments for the free plan.

However, with some added functionality, tools such as Smooth Write and SentenceCheckup are fully free with the other tool’s free plan.

ProWritingAid, WhiteSmoke, and Ginger are the best alternatives to grammar for users who need advanced features. LanguageTool & Reverso are the best choices for those who want to conduct translations and error tests in multiple languages.

Try our free alternative to Grammarly and comment below about what you think about that alternative.

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