7 Best FPS Games In Browser You Can Play Online

FPS games in browser are the most commonly played online games in the world to pass our leisure time. These fps browser games are very popular because they don’t require a powerful computer to play.

However, they don’t have the same graphics quality and speed as other powerful action games. But fps games in browser can be played at any time and at any place, just need a computer and good internet connection.

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FPS Games in Browser

The first-person shooter (FPS) is apparently the most favourite genre in the world. Games similar to Call of Duty, Halo, and Counter-Strike are among the most commonly played FPS games in the world.

But you might see a bit of a price tag on that popular FPS games, not only for purchasing the game itself but sometimes also for microtransactions.

Still, if you don’t desire to spend money on these games, you might aspire to try in browser FPS games instead. In this article, we will list the best in browser FPS games you can play directly on online right now.

Global Strike


If you’re searching for a game like Call of Duty, you’ve found the lite version of it. Global Strike is nearly the exact identical as the older version of Call of Duty, yet permits you to play the game in a browser. The graphics are pretty low, but there’s a powerful player base and it’s still just as engaging.

There are various modes you can play in such as team deathmatch, capture the flag,  and also a zombie mode. When you get bored of playing Team Deathmatch, you can shift to Zoombie mode, which lets you and other players become zombies.

This holds the game exciting with every new round. However, there are some troubles with lag in this game. But if you really want to play a game similar to Call of Duty in your browser, this is the most approaching you’ll find.

Rush Team


Rush Team is an objective-based in browser fps games multiplayer shooter. This is a team-based FPS game which takes place entirely in a browser. You can play with your friends throughout maps in separate objective-based tasks like capture the flag, search and destroy, deathmatch, and more.

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However, the graphics in this game is not so good, and it might be difficult to detect other players to create a team. But if you wish to play a game comparable to that of Call of Duty or Counter-Strike, this would be the best choice for you.

Open Arena


OpenArena is a free imitation of the popular FPS Quake III Arena. Quake III Arena is a retro type game that helped the FPS genre gaining so much popularity. And now, you can comfortably play it in your browser. Open Arena lets you start a server and play with others.

If retro gaming is your favourite genre, you should surely love this game. Yet it is an old-fashioned game, the graphics are outdated and the controls may seem clunky. But it’s exceptional to play if you’re searching for some FPS games in browser.

Warmerise: Red Vs Blue


If you are in love with sci-fi shooters, Warmerise is the best sci-fi in browser FPS game you will love to play. There are some excellent weapons at your inventory to play with, as you fight head-to-head with other players from either the Red or Blue faction.

You have to select which faction you want to join before you start the game and fight among others in order to achieve a higher rank. The graphics, as in most of these fps browser games, aren’t anything extraordinary, but the unique concept and gameplay make up for the lacking.



If you want the thrill of an in browser FPS game without trouble in your computer, Krunker is one of the best FPS browser games for you. It utilizes Minecraft-like graphics that enable it to function on any type of computer (even super old ones).

This game is also a multiplayer fps browser game, so you and others online can investigate multiple unique maps. You can also pick from many various classes, each with their individual weapons and playstyles.

By continuously playing this game, you can level up your classes to get access to greater weapons. Krunker has 10 game modes that you can select in the game. One of the most common modes introduces Free For All, where the game forces you against other players and the player with the most kills wins.



This is a different fps browser game among the other FPS games in browser. You can play Superhot on your PC, Xbox or PS4, but why should you do that when you can access its prototype for free from any browser?

The game has a sci-fi feeling and includes an interesting storyline where you have to manage time with your actions. The graphics are very unique but should also be accessible on your computer. If you choose you really enjoy playing this game’s prototype, you can get it on Steam for your PC or as a VR game.

The browser-based version of Superhot doesn’t contain as many levels as the full game, but it’s still enjoyable.

Wolfenstein 3D


The game was originally released for MS-DOS, however, Wolfenstein 3D is now available online for free and is considered one of the best in browser fps games.

If you’re looking for a retro gameplay experience, this one is exactly what you need. You will play as a prisoner in a world where World War II Nazi Germany has taken over, and you must escape a Nazi shelter.

The graphics are just as they were when the game first released, basically a 2D game but created to experience 3D through visual images and clever programming. If you want to revive the history of FPS gaming, this is the best one available fps browser games to play online right now.

Revive Yourself With In Browser FPS Games

You might recognize playing FPS browser games when you got bored at school. The games you played as a child might not exist now, but there are still lots of in browser fps games worth checking out. Give one of the above games a try and revive your childhood. Comment below which one is your favorite among the mentioned fps games in browser.

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