7 Best Free Alternatives to TeamViewer 2021

Are you searching for free alternatives to TeamViewer? You might know the pain of carrying a laptop and accessories all the time if you’re one of those who has to keep working on your holiday.


What if the extra baggage doesn’t need to be carried? Maybe you should work on a tablet with your iPad or Android.

But at the same time, some essential tools, papers, or even some work that can only be done on a laptop or desktop, don’t want to be skipped. Or, very literally, you’re sitting on your couch and you need to access something in another space from your laptop.

Although this is where some remote desktop applications, such as TeamViewer, can be of great benefit, it is somewhat different from a Virtual Private Network. It might, however, be the case that, for some reason, you don’t like TeamViewer.

Some of the best free alternatives to TeamViewer can be found in this list, allowing you to build a remote desktop connection and easily access the necessary resources. You may also love to Read: Best free Alternatives of Zoom App

7 Best Free TeamViewer Alternatives 2021

Here are the list of the best free alternatives to TeamViewer:

  • AnyDesk
  • Zoho Assist
  • Windows Remote Desktop
  • Splashtop
  • Google Remote Desktop
  • NoMachine
  • Join.Me

Let’s have a look at each of them and check how to use those best free alternatives to TeamViewer.

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1. AnyDesk

AnyDesk is the name used very frequently when talking about applications for remote desktops. But it also acts as the best free alternatives to TeamViewer.


If you just need to check it out, you can use AnyDesk by installing it on your computer and even as a portable app. Although there is a paid version, if you’re just getting started with remote computing, AnyDesk’s free version provides enough features.

Best features of AnyDesk

  • Using a specific device address, it easily links to remote machines.
  • Has integrated chat features
  • File transfer, remote screen recording, clipboard synchronization, remote printing, and session history are enabled.
  • Supports Unattended Access login credentials.
  • Supports several remote machine-connected displays.
  • It can detect and link via LAN to other AnyDesk machines.

Bad side of AnyDesk

  • It was conceivable that the user interface was better.
  • Some features are not that simple to use.

AnyDesk Pricing

  • Free Version: Available
  • Premium: Starts at $10.99/mo

2. Zoho Assist (A free alternatives to TeamViewer)

This remote desktop app, Zoho Assist, caters to the needs of more professional users and business users. For all the useful features that it provides under a visually pleasing UI, it’s a perfect TeamViewer alternative.

Zoho Assist’s key selling point is its cloud-powered setup, which ensures that there is nothing you need to install on your device to provide remote help. It’s a paid tool, though, which comes with a 15-day free.

Best Zoho Assist features

  • Fast to setup program for remote access with pro features
  • Supports client file sharing, annotations, text, audio, and video calls
  • Can be used for further controls on the client computer as a system service
  • Provides direct access to Shutdown, Restart, and other options for a rapid launch
  • Unattended access assistance on the client computer
  • Provides favorites and the history of previous sessions for later access

Bad side of Zoho Assist

  • The setup process on the client machine can be a little tedious (depends on OS)
  • Version for free trial sold as a free version

Zoho Assist Pricing

  • Free Version: Not Available
  • Premium: Starts at $8/mo (15-day free trial)

3. Splashtop

Splashtop is yet another free alternatives to TeamViewer that can be used to remotely mirror your computer.

Over nine years of its life, by offering a decent mix of video quality and latency over the remote link, this remote access program has made a good reputation across the industry.

Splashtop’s free edition comes loaded with features that can be sufficient for beginners. If you are planning to connect to your host machine mostly via LAN, you should prefer this remote access app.

Best Splashtop features

  • Seamless One-Click Remote Computer Connectivity
  • Support movements of the touchpad, such as two-finger scroll, zoom pinch, etc.
  • Provides good performance even on moderately fast connections
  • Supports copying files from a remote computer
  • It is possible to expand functionality by downloading add-ons (paid)

Bad side of Splashtop

  • The installation of two separate apps on both remote and client devices is needed.
  • The UI doesn’t look attractive.

Splashtop pricing

Version for Free: Available
Premium: Starts at 5 dollars/mo

4. Windows Remote Desktop

Why go so far when your machine is right there with a free TeamViewer alternative? Yeah, I’m talking about Windows Remote Desktop with Windows 10 (and older versions) built-in.

It uses Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol to connect to other devices over the internet and LAN, as you might already know. The reason I put it at the bottom of this list is that there is no Windows Remote Desktop in the Windows 10 Home edition that many people you see. 

Best Windows Remote Desktop features

  • Known for its reliability
  • Enables the use of printers and other peripherals linked to a remote computing
  • Supports sharing of clipboards from a remote computer 
  • Provides encrypted remote links with support for TLS 
  • Fits with Username and Password for Windows

Bad side of Windows Remote Desktop

  • Doesn’t work on Home Version Windows 10 
  • It is a little tricky to allow the function.

Windows Remote Desktop Pricing

  • Free Version: Available
  • Premium: Not Available

5. Google Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is probably the best option that you can get from TeamViewer. You may have heard many times about this free Google remote desktop app, and it’s well known for its simplicity.

It is based on a proprietary protocol from Google known as Chromoting.

The fact that it operates within your Google Chrome browser is one of Chrome Remote Desktop’s selling points. You don’t need to keep your device running a separate app (except for the tools you need to install when setting up a remote connection).

Best features of Chrome Remote Desktop

  • The remote desktop software is fast and quick to use.
  • Visually pleasing interface for users
  • Can synchronize a clipboard to a remote computer
  • Supports the remapping of remote computer keys
  • Supports several displays with a remote computer connected
  • Link to other devices easily with One-time Passwords

Bad side of Chrome Remote Desktop

  • The installation process is a little tedious,
  • Needs Google Remote Desktop Link Account (subjective).

Chrome Remote Desktop Pricing

  • Free Version: Available
  • Premium: Not Available

6. NoMachine

Another free alternatives to TeamViewer that you can run on your computer is NoMachine. To build connections, it utilizes a proprietary remote desktop protocol called NX.

However, the catch here is that for connections over LAN, this remote access program works best. This ensures that your machine sitting in a far corner of your house can not be reached.

Best features of NoMachine

  • Automatically list other devices equipped with NoMachine on your LAN
  • Hassle-free setup for connecting to a remote desktop
  • Provides different methods of authentication
  • Help for various linked peripherals to be shared and file sharing

Bad side of NoMachine

  • The user interface isn’t good looking,
  • It isn’t easy to use those choices.
  • The result could have been higher.

NoMachine Pricing

  • Free Version: Available
  • Premium: For Enterprise

7. Join.me

When it comes to setting up meetings, join.me is as basic as it gets. One-click meeting scheduling, which comes with a recording app, is its big selling point.

People can be linked to each other at the exact same time from almost anywhere on earth, and there’s no limit on the number of voice calls you can make.

Pricing is also reasonable: for simple voice over IP, the service is free but goes up to a monthly rate of $19 for business customers. Premium meetings and creative management come with the business kit.

The one-click feature of Join.me is fantastic, but the lack of compatibility is its weakness: it only works with Windows and macOS X. If the business environment is wide and varied, it can be a drain.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Remote Desktop Software (RDS)?

As you might know, provided you have an active internet connection, remote desktop software or remote access software allows you to connect to your computer or another computer from any corner of the world.

What are the applications of Remote Desktop Software?

You can do many things, such as mirror your PC over the internet, pass data, remotely provide support to someone else, and so on, using a remote access method.

To create a connection over the internet, there are several different types of protocols supported by remote desktop services.

For instance, on Windows, you get the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Then there’s the protocol for the Apple Remote Desktop (ARD), Remote Frame Buffer (RFB), and others.

Is the free screen-sharing software enough for me?

A no-cost screen-sharing app, or a free alternative to TeamViewer in this case, should be adequate for a general user in most cases. Standard features, such as screen sharing and file transfer, are supported by most of these solutions.

They do not, however, provide encryption and other security features, which for casual users should not be a deal-breaker.

What is TeamViewer?

First released in 2005, TeamViewer currently offers support for common platforms such as Windows , macOS , Linux, Chrome OS, Android , iOS, etc.

TeamViewer is the most popular free remote desktop program out there, if we talk about popular remote access services. It even lets you remotely control other machines without any problems.

Is TeamViewer free of cost?

Yeah, there is a version of TeamViewer that comes free of charge and provides users with basic functionality. But you can fork out some cash for the premium edition and more options if you want to.

But if it’s not your cup of tea at all, then some good TeamViewer alternatives listed in this list could be considered.

How do I use TeamViewer to control another computer?

To set up another computer’s remote control, make sure the TeamViewer is running on both computers. A partner ID and password will be allocated to the device you would like to connect to. In the “Remote Control” window, enter the Partner ID. Click Connect, and then, when prompted, enter the password.

Can TeamViewer be used to spy?

Team Viewer is not a program for spies. … Only when the machines are on and the responsible person/owner uses the computer or allows a friend or tech to access the computer will the Team Viewer be used.

As Kosh said, Team Viewer has no “stealth” feature and you will know if your machine is triggering TeamViewer.

Final Words

That’s the end of the best free alternatives to TeamViewer. Comment below if you have any more suggestions about this article.

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