7 Best Free Face Swap Apps For Android, iOS & Windows

Free face swap apps for android are going viral day by day and now it’s a trend to upload face swap music video to Facebook. Swapping your face thereupon of somebody else is pretty funny. Whether it’s a star or someone you recognize that you’re swapping your face with, this technology seems to be a source of endless entertainment.
Face swapping was made possible because of the deepfake technology which will synthesize human images and videos. you’ll now use face swap apps to make funny images, GIFs, audio and video files to possess fun together with your friends and colleagues. You may also love to read Best Alternatives of Zoom App.

Free Face Swap Apps for Android, iOS & Windows



If you’re a Snapchat user, you don’t even need to download any extra apps to make funny face swap effects. Snapchat was one among the primary social networks to integrate deepfake technology. 
The face swap lens lives right your Snapchat home screen. When capturing a photograph or a video, turn your Snapchat camera into the Selfie mode. Click and hold on your face and see different Snapchat lenses appear at rock bottom of the screen. Swipe through them until you discover the face swap effect (a yellow icon with two smiley faces). you’ll then use another person or a pet to swap faces with. 
Snapchat also has a choice to swap faces with someone from your image gallery. When selecting the lens, pick the purple face swap icon with a smiley face. you’ll also create a deepfake video of yourself using Snapchat’s Cameos feature. 
Download: For iOSAndroid


For fans of Marvel and comic books, we recommend finding out AvengeThem. This face swap site may be a free online deepfake video creator that you simply can use to star in one among the superhero GIFs and memes. It isn’t technically a face swap “app”, but it serves an equivalent purpose.
To swap faces together with your favourite superhero, attend the web site and choose a GIF. Then upload your selfie using the site’s guidelines. confirm to use an ID-like picture with a bright background for better results. Then await the location to make the deepfake.
AvengeThem won’t offer you a 100% accuracy since the tool only generates a static 3D model of your face. Still, though, the top result’s entertaining enough to then share it with friends or online. 

Celebrity Face Swap

Also referred to as Face Swap Booth, Celebrity Face Swap may be a smartphone face swap app that permits you to swap faces with elebrities using either your own pictures or those from the app’s pre-loaded library. 
This app may be a great option for somebody trying to find more advanced face-swapping effects. Celebrity Face Swap gives you more control over the top results. There are many options to tweak and alter images, also as many celebrity photos and faces you’ll use. the simplest part is that you simply can swap different characteristics rather than entire faces. For instance, you’ll swap someone’s noses or ears and leave the remainder of their faces untouched. 
You don’t even get to use two separate pictures. Celebrity Face Swap allows you to swap the features of the faces of two people from an equivalent image. which will be very useful if employing a group picture to make a fun collage for your family or friends. 
Download: For iOS, Android

Face Swap Live

Do you want to swap faces with people and pictures in real-time? Face Swap Live is that the app which will assist you to do this. 
When most of the face swap apps use static photos, Face Swap Live can switch faces in real-time right from your camera’s video feed. that would become a fun twist on your next live stream on social media. All you would like is to start out recording a video and therefore the app will do the remainder for you. There’s also a choice to swap faces in photos and use various in-app filters and masks. It also supports face swap app music video and uploads it to facebook.
Face Swap Live features a free liteversion that you simply can try before you opt whether you would like to buy the first app. the first app costs $0.99. 
Download: For iOS, Android.


Cupace is the app that made face-swapping as easy as copy and paste. That’s literally all you’ve got to try to here – cut a face from one photo and paste it onto the opposite. you’ll let the face swap app roll in the hay or select the hand glass tool and roll in the hay manually for more precise results. 
If you would like to use an equivalent face twice, you’ll then access it through the app’s Face Gallery, meaning you won’t need to upload and cut it again. Cupace also comes with a variety of filters, stickers, and funny captions that you simply can increase your pictures. 
The only downside here is that Cupace is merely available on Android at the instant. 


Reflect is perhaps one among the more realistic face swap tools on the list that you simply can use on your PC. It allows you to swap faces together with your favourite movie stars, video game characters, internet memes, and even statues. 
If you’re trying to find a sensible face swap but don’t want to spend time and energy downloading and installing software, give Reflect a try. Click the blue Start Swapping button on top of the screen, choose an image to swap faces on, then add a face to swap. you’ll then download the top result to share it with friends. 


B612 is originally a beauty and filter camera that is commonly used for capturing stunning selfies, which also highlights a Face Swap option. You just have to click on the Smiley icon after starting the app and then choose the face swap option from the menu. However, the highlight only runs in real-time, so you must have two people in your shot. Once you’ve accepted the face swap option, you should only start recording a video or take a picture, and the app will automatically swap faces.
Download: For iOSAndroid.

To Swap Or to not Swap?

We don’t just take pictures of individuals and places anymore. We use filters, masks, and various photo apps to reinforce or turn them into something else. 
Deepfakes and face swaps take it to a more personal level. While some people find it hilarious, others might get concerned over the utilization of their personal pictures for the sake of entertainment.
Creating a face swap image of a lover seems pretty innocent, but it’s probably best to urge their consent before sharing it with anyone else or publishing it anywhere online. You can use any of those free face swap apps for android and other devices. Let us know which face swap app you use and which one is your favourite.

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