5 Must-Have Apps For Journalism Students

Journalists are in the business of creating news and sharing it with their audience. You capture the news through observation, voice recording, and videos. A journalist will then write articles, share images, and present videos of the features he has done.

apps for journalism students
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Apps will help you to learn the art of journalism and become a journalist wherever you go. With the dynamic features on phones, you can use the gadget as a full studio or office to compile your stories. Here are fantastic apps to help you begin the journey of professional journalism while still in college.

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Essential Apps For Journalism Students


Grammarly is a writing and editing app. It helps you to polish your articles by eliminating grammatical errors. It will flag typing issues, punctuation, repeated words, and poor sentence structure, among other grammar issues. You can buy homework help online and spend your time sharpening your journalism skills to increase your chances of securing your dream job after graduation.

Grammarly is free for basic features. If you need advanced capabilities, you will pay for a reasonable subscription. Grammarly is available as an add-on to your text-generating software. You can also use it on your emails and other writing apps.

An important feature in Grammarly is the ability to flag plagiarized areas. It directs you to the websites where the information has been extracted to enable you to correct the anomaly. These features enable you to produce the most captivating journalism pieces.


Evernote is a database creation tool. It comes with cloud-storage capability where you can store your images, draft articles, and other files you require for your work. You just drag and drop the file into the app.

Evernote allows you to create folders containing specific materials for individual projects. You can also retrieve the files by searching using the keywords that help you to identify the files. Since Evernote is a cloud-based storage app, you can access your files from any device.

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Evernote is easy to use. It accommodates different types of files including text, links, videos, and audio clips. These are the common types of files that journalists use in their work. Evernote helps you to quote sources and ascertain information wherever you will be.


Canva is a graphic design app. While journalism involves more writing than photography, you will need a few images to support your story. The images you take in the field require editing and captioning. Canva is the perfect app to use for this purpose.

Canva provides basic photo editing features. You can crop the image, add a few images, insert words, and manipulate the photo on your phone. Such manipulation will help the photo to make more sense to the people viewing it or reading your story.

Canva is free for basic features. Journalism students will require only the basic features to begin their work. If you need the advanced features, they are also available at a reasonable subscription fee. Since you operate Canva as an account, all your files remain in the app. You can access them at any time and from any other device.

FiLMiC Pro

Video journalism is one of the lucrative elements of journalism. It involves creating video clips or editing the existing ones. The phone today has numerous features that turn you into a mobile video studio. FiLMiC Pro will help you to create the best videos live on location or by editing.

The app allows you to zoom the features you are capturing at the scene. You can focus on a specific object and even white balance the resulting clips. The app provides excellent resolution to guarantee the best videos. It is the perfect camera and video studio wherever you go.


iSaidWhat allows you to create fantastic audio clips. You can record events live or edit the existing audio clips. It allows you to cut the clips, join them, add effects, and transfer them to other apps or platforms. It is perfect for recording podcasts, interviews, music, and any other sound you wish to use in your project.

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Final Words

A journalism student should always be prepared to capture and prepare news. Writing, audio recording, and video capturing apps are perfect for you. These apps provide a mobile studio that will help you to prepare your files wherever you are. You will always be ready to share the news you find in your daily encounters.

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