5 Best Methods to Insert Emoji in Outlook Email

In an email, if you want to express your emotions, there are four different ways to insert emoji in Outlook. You can either use a shortcut or open the built-in emoji keyboard in Windows 10. We’ll show you five different choices to use emojis in outlook email.

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How to Insert Emoji in Outlook using Windows 10

If you are a Windows 10 user, it will be easier for you to insert emoji in Outlook email. As there are built-in emoji icons in Windows 10, you can easily pick one to express your emotion in the email. Following is the process:

  • Open the email where you want to insert the emojis. In Outlook as well as in other programs like MS Word, this works.
  • Push the “Windows” and “.” buttons. This opens the keyboard for the emoji.
  • You can search for smileys and other things here. Check in the various categories for the desired emoji or search in the bar for the name of the smiley.
  • For example, write “funny” in the search bar. This will show you all the emojis in which this word is tagged.

How to Use Emoji in Outlook Using Shortcuts

There are various shortcut keys to create beautiful emojis. You have to memorize these shortcuts to insert emoji in Outlook email. Here we will give you some shortcuts to express your emotions inside your Outlook mail.

  • Input “:” and “(” for sad emoji
  • Input  “:” and “p” for tongue out
  • Input “:” and “)” for happy emoji
  • Input “:” and “D” for very happy

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Insert Emoji in Outlook by Copy and Paste method

You can go to random websites where you can get a lot of emojis. Just copy the emoji from the website and then paste it into the Outlook email. Here is the method:

  • Open an Emoji Website.
  • Scroll down to the emoji section and mark the emoji that you want to insert.
  • Press “Ctrl” + “c” to copy it.
  • Open the email and press “Ctrl” + “v” to paste the emoji.

How To Use Emojis in Outlook With Symbols

You can use built-in symbols option from Outlook to insert emojis in Outlook email. Just follow the procedure to do so.

  • Open Outlook and click the Insert tab.
  • Click the symbol tab.
  • Go to “more symbols” and a dialog box will appear.
  • Choose “Segoe UI Emoji” in the Font drop-down menu.
  • Change it to “Extended Characters – Code Area 1” 
  • Here you will get some emojis to use in Outlook email.
  • Select which you like and press insert.

How to Insert Emojis in Outlook Email using Picture

There are several emojis with multiple patterns and thoughts, you can import the emojis into Outlook if you are not happy with the emojis available and you want something better.

In partnership with Bing, Microsoft Outlook 2019 / Office 365 enables you to scan for any online images indexed by the search engine.

  • Open Outlook and click the Insert button.
  • Go to Illustration group and click Pictures, then Online Pictures.
  • The Search Bing Online Picture dialog box will pop up, type ’emojis’ in the search bar, and press enter.
  • Select your desired emoji and press insert.
  • Now you have to adjust the size of the inserted emoji.

You can change the size of the faces by dragging any corner of the square after adding your favorite emoji smiley faces.

To make your emoji perfect, you can also use colors and designs. Smileys will convert from their textual counterpart directly to an icon of your choice in this way.


All five methods of using emojis in Outlook email have been discussed. We personally recommend using a Windows 10 emoji keyboard. But if you are not a Windows 10 user, you can use this Website to get the perfect emoji for Outlook mail.

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