Clickmeeting Reviews: No. 1 Best Alternative of Zoom?

Clickmeeting Reviews: ClickMeeting is an outstanding video conferencing assistance, particularly for businesses that host live webinars. From handling polls and questionnaires to rebranding webinars to meet your company’s vision, ClickMeeting allows you to control how you involved with other members.

Other key specialities are screen sharing, chat-to-text translations, multiuser subaccounts, private chat, audio and video recording, webinar statistics and many more. Here, we are going to share a comprehensive clickmeeting reviews for you.

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Clickmeeting Webinar Features

ClickMeeting webinar may be a cloud-based platform that gives high-quality video and audio streaming. In addition to its crystal-clear video and audio, the software has a wide range of useful features and tools.

Some of our favourites are in-meeting polls and surveys for the audience, built-in chat for groups or private messaging, screen sharing for better presentation delivery, a waiting room with an agenda displayed that participants can read while they wait for the meeting to begin, and a whiteboard function for brainstorming and drawing.

ClickMeeting webinar supports recording and storage, also as branded webinar rooms and custom invitations. Moreover, the service allows live streaming on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

This video conferencing service maintains quite a dozen integrations, including those with Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Slack, Hubspot, Zapier and PayPal. ClickMeeting has an open API that provides developers with the access they have to create integrations to other applications or software developed in-house.

You will get tons of positive Clickmeeting reviews on Clickmeeting webinar in recent pandemic situation. You will get the main reason for this positive review on Clickmating webinar from the below article.

Clickmeeting Reviews: Pros Vs Cons

Clickmeeting Pros

ClickMeeting doesn’t have much of a learning curve. Its straightforward dashboard and interface make it simple to launch or schedule meetings, create conference rooms, and share webinar links with meeting participants.

With such an extended list of features, ClickMeeting features a lot to explore, but the no-obligation free trial allows you to become well familiar with everything it offers. ClickMeeting runs smoothly and reliably, and therefore the features are simple to access.

Another positive is that there’s no need for a further conference calling service because ClickMeeting gives participants the choice to call into each meeting by phone, opening your meeting to those that won’t be ahead of their computer or tablet when the conference starts.

When participants receive an invitation to a gathering, they get a link to attach online also as a telephone number. While participants who call in won’t see the video feeds, they will still hear the audio and comment, participating even as someone connected with their computer.

Clickmeeting Cons

ClickMeeting doesn’t maintain a customer support hotline, but support is out there by email. the corporate also maintains a live chat channel that’s available Monday through Friday, from 3 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET. additionally, there are video tutorials on the web site that are very helpful in guiding users to troubleshoot their own problems. You may also love to read: How to Reset Trial Period of any Software.

A second negative with ClickMeeting is that it is not designed for hosting regular, daily sorts of video meetings. ClickMeeting is basically best served for those looking to host recurring webinars. More clickmeeting reviews can be found in this link.

At a glance Clickmeeting Reviews: Pros vs Cons


Clickmeeting Pricing

ClickMeeting offers three paid service plans. Unlike video conferencing services that charge per host, ClickMeeting’s cost structure is predicated on what percentage attendees you would like in each webinar.

Clickmeeting pricing starts at $50, and $79 per month supports 100 attendees. You can host webinars for up to 1,000 attendees for $309 per month. The plan includes four video streams, and you’ll save six hours of recordings.

Other features include 1GB of file storage, screen control, presentation mode, a whiteboard, Q&A, polling, private chat, call to action and event landing pages. there’s also a rebranding tool and therefore the ability to host paid webinars.

The next Clickmeeting pricing tier, Automated, supports three presenters and 25 attendees for $45 per month. you’ll increase the number of attendees to 50 for $55 per month, or to 100 for $95 per month. This plan includes everything within the Live plan, 10 hours of recordings and 2GB of file storage.

You furthermore may host on-demand webinars, auto stream on Facebook or YouTube, and auto-publish recorded meetings to Dropbox. With ClickMeeting, you’ll automatically send invitations, follow-up emails and thank-you emails.

There is another Clickmeeting pricing plan named Enterprise plan is customized supported your specific needs and expected webinar volume.

The costs of all plans drop in up to twenty if you pay annually rather than monthly.

The company offers a seven-day free trial that does not require a Mastercard or cancellation on your part, so you’ll safely test the software without being stuck during a subscription when the trial expires.

Clickmeeting Pricing at a glance:


Clickmeeting Login Procedure

To sign up, you initially choose a page name, which can be a part of your custom URL for meetings, then you provide your name and email address. You can activate your account via email or by pairing your account with Facebook, which seems odd considering this is often business-focused software. The Welcome email includes instructions to urge up and running; you’ll also check-in for starting Clickmeeting webinar.
Like many more recent web services, ClickMeeting features a progress bar that encourages you to finish your account profile which, after activation, is at 25 Percent. You can prefer to complete your profile via Facebook or add your details manually.

You can represent yourself with a Clickmeeting login avatar, upload a profile photo, or take a photograph together with your webcam.

ClickMeeting prompts you to make a gathering directly, which adds to your progress. The user interface (UI) is friendly, colourful, non-cluttered, and not terribly corporate-looking or dated. ClickMeeting is additionally easy to navigate, and it guides you step by step when fixing a gathering and handling other tasks. From your Account panel, you’ll see events you’ve got created and statistics, like meeting length, attendee numbers, and more.

You don’t need any customized dial-in number, but you’ll choose between an inventory of numbers for cities within US and abroad, including London and Sao Paulo. You can also purchase an add-on, toll-free numbers. A full list of keyboard shortcuts is out there on ClickMeeting’s website, including the way to mute yourself, close up and on-hold music, and more. Presenters and participants also can use ClickMeeting’s VoIP service to hitch a call.

You can customize your meeting space with a variety of background skins, and enable Clickmeeting features such as Welcome page URL, automated Thank You emails for members, auto-recording, and reminders.

Clickmeeting Webinar Setup

To set up a Clickmeeting Webinar, create an occasion directly from your dashboard. Then, provides it with a name and make an URL. For example, my custom URL is, and that I can insert that once I create a Clickmeeting webinar by adding something like “/dailymeeting” to the end of the URL. From the “Start Meeting” tab, you can examine your connection, which is very useful, as video conferencing can go very wrong if the Wi-Fi or network connection is poor.

When creating meetings, you can pick from a scheduled event or a permanent event. A permanent event is usually accessible and has no start or end date, which is appropriate for recurring or on-the-fly meetings.

Next, add an agenda if you want. Lastly, request participant and presenters, either manually or by choosing from stored contacts or past sessions. When inviting people, you are able to feature them to your contacts also and also meet up your Facebook and Twitter contacts. To send invites, you’ll use one among ClickMeeting’s email templates or copy the meeting details and paste those into your own email client.

Then you’re ready to go. Helpfully, you’ll either start the meeting directly or enter the meeting room and prepare first and begin the meeting later, which may be a nice touch. A virtual lounge is out there for other participants; the meeting won’t start until a presenter arrives.


Clickmeeting Vs Zoom

Two of the most popular webinar options are Clickmeeting and Zoom. These both come with feature-rich free options that also have paid versions to remove limitations. You get more functionality with both than with the majority of competing free software on the market.
Though they’re both webinar systems that allow unlimited meetings of up to 100 participants, they’re very different in terms of showcased features. In short, Clickmeeting is designed for ad campaigns, while Zoom is geared toward more collaborative and constructive projects.


  • Webinar software.
  • Free plans available with additional priced options.
  • Ability to host up to 100 participants.
  • Online support options.
  • Unlimited free meetings and webinars.
  • HD video and voice.
  • Screensharing and screen control.
  • Whiteboarding.
  • Private chat in real-time.
  • Public chat moderation.


  • Most intuitive interface and setup.
  • Most affordable pricing options.
  • 30 minutes of free recording storage.
  • 500 MB of free file storage.
  • Polls, surveys, Q&A.
  • Call-to-Action for marketing.
  • Event landing pages.
  • Mobile app.
  • Auto publishing, streaming, emailing, and analytics integration options.
  • Social media sharing, event marketing, and custom branding.
  • Email and SMS invitation options.
  • Customized registration and address book.
  • Multiple third-party application integrations.
  • Basic and advanced reports including attendee feedback.
  • SSL, GDPR, and firewall security features.
  • Access to the Customer Success Team.


  • 40-minute group meetings for free.
  • Active speaker viewing.
  • Telephone call-in joining.
  • Scheduled or instant meetings.
  • Chrome plugin and Chrome scheduling extension.
  • Host controls and raises hand features.
  • Compatibility with iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • iPad and iPhone app screen sharing with co-annotations.
  • AES 256 bit encryption with SSL security.

Conclusion on Clickmeeting Vs Zoom

Upon the Clickmeeting reviews, Clickmeeting has an amazing number of features open through its free software. With the paid plans, you can get entree to various combinations, automation processes, improved storage, and extra customer supervision programs.

But according to pricing Zoom has more adaptable pricing per user for every month. The money won’t run you nearly as high as with various Clickmeeting users. But you also don’t get entrance to the same level of extensive marketing features.

ClickMeeting Reviews: Conclusion

With a diversity of presentation software, video conference with up to four participants, and both dial-in and VoIP calling options, ClickMeeting assists you to create appealing meetings, whether you’re looking for lively participation, a training seminar, or a perfect session. Its user interface is appealing and easy to use, and its plans are just the right size and price for a small company.

Thus, ClickMeeting is our Editors’ Choice for online webinar assistance for small businesses. Those with more than four team members that need to see each other should consider Clickmeeting Webinar, which may be the best choice. If you want to share any clickmeeting reviews, please comment below your thought about this video conference tool.

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