Is It Safe to Download Windows 10 from Third Party Websites?

In this article, we’ll be exploring the various methods available to get Windows 10 for free of charge. We will give two unique alternatives and explain whether each of those options is legal.
Hopefully, after reading this text, you’ll be more clued up about how Windows 10 activation works and why Microsoft charges for it within the first place.

Downloading Windows 10 free from Third Party Websites

You may have heard from a friend or colleague that they were ready to download Windows 10 from third party websites, or even you examine it online.
Your source of data may have mentioned that they will get you the complete Windows 10 OS for free of charge, with no watermarks or product key.
Using a third party website to download Windows 10 for free of charge is certainly against Microsoft’s policies and more importantly, it’s going to present some legal troubles or other issues for you.

Is it Legal?

Downloading a full version of Windows 10 for free of charge from a third-party source is completely illegal and that we wouldn’t recommend it.
It’s up to debate whether or not downloading Microsoft software illegally will land you in trouble or with a big fine, but it’s certainly possible and Microsoft has the right to pursue legal action in this case.

Is it Dangerous?

Perhaps more worryingly, downloading Windows 10 for free of charge from third-party websites are often very dangerous. Those that divulge cracked software for free of charge may tamper with the software and package it with malware or viruses.
Some malware may track your keypresses and steal your information, or they may use your PC power to mine cryptocurrency. Alternatively, they’ll run ads on your system within the background to earn money from you.

Download Windows 10 ISO directly from Microsoft

If you desperately got to download Windows 10 for free of charge and don’t have any installation media, you need not search for third-party sources. Microsoft truly lets users download Windows 10 absolutely free from their official website.
You can find the Windows 10 Download tool here. With this tool, you’ll create your own bootable Windows 10 installation USB drive or CD.

Is it Legal?

Applying this process is fair and is given directly from Microsoft. With this method, you can install and run Windows 10 without a product activation key.
It’s important to note that if you continue to use Windows without activating it with a purchased license, you will be going against Microsoft’s terms of service.
It is recommended that you simply purchase a license to support Microsoft and make sure you are abiding by their terms of service. However, for a fast fix, this feature is out there to you if you would like to get Windows 10 up and running on a machine quickly.

Is it Dangerous?

Using this method isn’t dangerous because it’s provided directly from Microsoft. There is no chance that this method would come with viruses or malware.
Just confirm you let the Windows 10 Download tool complete the method completely before installing it on a system.

Will Going Against Microsoft’s Terms Cause Me any Trouble?

With Microsoft offering numerous free methods to put in Windows 10, it’s possible to put in Windows 10 for free of charge directly from them and never pay to activate it.
If you select to try to do this, you’ll still have access to updates and every one of the OS features will remain active to you.
The only negatives are going to be that there’ll be a watermark at rock bottom of your display in the least times and you’ll not be ready to access Office 365 programs like Word or PowerPoint. Some personalization options will also be disabled.
Going this route will mean that you are going against Microsoft’s terms of service, but there’s very little Microsoft can do to stop you. If you are an individual, you are not going to run into any trouble. If you’re a business that repairs or sells computers, you’ll then run into some legal troubles.
Ultimately, Microsoft has become very lenient with unactivated users – they might prefer even people who use Windows 10 without a license to possess full security protection and therefore the latest updates to avoid malware and virus infections.
So, in summary, the choice is there to stay unlicensed, but it’s still going against Microsoft’s licensing terms. It may be a payment you don’t want to make, but we’d recommend making the payment to support Microsoft.

It takes a lot of money to hire employees to develop, maintain, and provide support for Windows 10. Enjoy!

Want to Download Windows 10 from Official Website? Watch this Tutorial:

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