How to Fix Horizontal Lines on Samsung LED TV Screen

You are here, which means you are one of those who are experiencing horizontal lines on Samsung LED TV screen, right? This is one of the common issues reported by recent Samsung LED TV owners.

horizontal lines on samsung led tv screen

Honestly, the horizontal lines issue with Samsung tv is hard to resolve without expert help. However, there are some easy fixes that you should try by yourself before wasting your money on a technician.

In this article, we will try to provide you with some easy fixes for horizontal lines on your Samsung TV screen from an expert point of view. Try each of the fixes provided by the expert before throwing out the tv or taking it to the technician.

What causes horizontal lines on Samsung tv screen?

Horizontal lines on Samsung TV screens can indicate several problems, such as problems with the graphics, loose input cables, or damage to the screen itself. A broken or loose cable may not be able to send the output from the source, making the images on the LCD display look distorted or smaller.

This problem with the graphics system can make it hard for pictures to appear on the screen. For example, if the image quality is low or doesn’t load properly, you might see horizontal lines on your LED TV screen.

Before you can fix this problem on your Samsung TV, you must figure out why it is happening.

Here are some of the main reasons why there are horizontal lines on your Samsung TV screen:

  • Incompatible Image Resolution: The display mistake happens when the image size doesn’t match the resolution of the smart TV. Too many big or small images can also cause lines on the TV screen. To fix this, change the picture size or resolution.
  • Cable issues: When the input wire between the smart hub and the smart TV is not correctly connected, the picture doesn’t load, and lines show up on the screen. However, you can fix the problem by plugging the cable back in.
  • Damaged or Broken Panel: Lines on the screen are usually caused by a broken gate driver, which is part of the panel. If your TV screen is broken or damaged, lines will appear on the damaged part.
  • Outdated Firmware: You’ll likely see lines if you haven’t updated your smart TV in a long time. The old graphic drivers can’t handle the latest or high-resolution picture. However, the problem can be fixed by changing the System software.
  • Manufacturing Location: You need to check whether your Samsung TV is original. Sometimes horizontal line issues can be observed in the new Samsung TV, which is actually a master copy. Make sure your Samsung TV is manufactured in its original location.

Damage to the screen’s hardware can also cause horizontal lines to appear. If this is the case, you’ll need to fix the broken glass, which could require an authorized technician to solve the Samsung TV horizontal lines on the screen issue.

Horizontal Lines on Samsung LED TV Screen – 7 Easy Fixes

Some easy fixes for horizontal lines on Samsung tv include Power resetting your Samsung tv, changing the input cable, Observing the lines properly to get the exact solution, performing a picture test, updating the firmware, and trying a factory reset.

We will now expand the above-given solution and add more advanced solutions so you can do everything yourself before going to a technician to fix the problem.

Note: If your TV is still under warranty, the best way would be contacting the Samsung customer care.

1. Cold Boot or Power Cycle Your Samsung TV

Just do one quick step, turning off your TV, before you try anything else. It’s called a “Power cycle/ Cold boot” in the tech world. Most problems, such as Samsung smart tv not working, lines on LED screen, etc., can be fixed by turning the power off and on again. Here are the steps you need to take to do this.

Power Cycle Your  Samsung TV
  • Turn on the TV.
  • Turn off your TV by unplugging the cable from the socket.
  • Wait one minute to let the capacitors on the main board lose any charge.
  • Connect it again and turn it back on.

Even though this may seem simple, you’d be surprised how often turning off and on your TV will fix it. This should always be tried before you try anything more extreme.

2. Check the Samsung TV screen Horizontal Lines Properly

Find out if the lines on the screen are moving or still. If the lines are moving, it means that the HDMI or DVD cord isn’t hooked up right. To fix this, unplug the cables from the TV and the hub and then plug them back in firmly. Check to see if the problem still exists.

Check to see if the hub is safely connected to the other end of the HDMI cable. If it’s firmly connected, try reconnecting the HDMI cable. If the lines on your TV screen stop moving, you can assume the HDMI cable is broken and should be replaced.

But if the lines on the screen don’t go away, it could mean that the LCD panel is broken. In this case, the panel must be changed to a new one.

Most of the time, water damage, a broken screen, or a broken gate driver is to blame for this lasting line on the panel. For the best result, visit the nearest Samsung store or contact Samsung customer support for further instructions.

3. Perform a Picture Test

The Picture Test is a simple way to determine if the picture you want to watch is compatible with your Samsung smart TV. Use the Picture Test to fix any image on your TV that looks strange or out of place and ensure you see everything in its best light.

Note that only Samsung Smart TVs made between 2018 and 2021 have this feature. Older Samsung Smart TVs don’t have this feature.

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If there is a horizontal line on Samsung TV screen, please follow the directions below to perform a picture test.

  • Press the Home button of your remote to open the Smart Hub menu.
  • Then select Settings.
  • Go to Suppot> Device Care.
  • The device is now going to do a Quick Scan. The scan may take a few minutes.
  • Once it’s done, choose Self Diagnosis from the menu at the bottom.
  • Use the arrow keys to move across the screen, click Picture Test, and then click OK.
Watch how to Perform a Picture Test on Samsung TV

Check if the problem still exists when you switch from one video source to another. (HDMI1, HDMI2, etc.). If your TV isn’t working right, you should call Samsung for help.

4. Update Firmware on Your Samsung TV

If the previous method you tried to fix the horizontal lines on Samsung LED TV screen didn’t work, you can try to update the TV firmware. By updating the TV, you can add new features and fix bugs that could be causing the problem.

Often, this problem can be fixed by updating the graphics driver or the software. This will stop lines from showing up on the screen that doesn’t belong there. Follow these steps to get your Samsung TV’s software up to date.

  • To open Smart Hub, press the “Home” button on the TV remote.
  • Go to Settings and then choose Support from there.
  • Choose Software Update, then choose Update Now.
samsung firmware update
  • Now, the file that has been changed will start to download.
  • Follow the steps on the screen to get the update.
  • Check to see if the horizontal lines issue is gone.

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If you want to update the firmware on an older Samsung TV, you’ll need a USB cable. Follow the below instructions:

  • You can get to Settings by pressing the Menu or Home button on your remote.
  • Navigate to Support.
  • Then choose Contact Samsung or About This TV.
  • Take note of the installed Model Code and Software Version.
  • Go to the Support page for Samsung and type in your model number.
  • Find the latest software version by going to Manuals & Downloads and look for it.
  • If this Firmware Version is newer than the one you saw on your TV, download it along with the Firmware Update User Manual, which will tell you how to perform your update.

5. Factory Reset Your Samsung Television

If your Samsung Smart TV already has the latest software version and there are still horizontal lines on the tv screen, it could be because the source is broken or the graphics driver isn’t working right. In this case, the best way to fix the problem is to do a factory restart.

Please keep in mind that a factory reset will erase all data and put the TV back to the way when it was first bought. Before you do a factory reset, it’s important to back up your personal information.

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Once you have backed up your data, you can reset the TV to its factory settings by following the steps given.

  • Press “Home,” and then choose “Settings.”
  • Select Reset after going to General.
  • Enter initial reset Pin.
  • Choose Reset, and then click OK.
  • Follow the directions on the screen to finish the reset.
  • Set up your TV once it’s done, and then see if the problem is still there.
Check this video tutorial to factory reset your Samsung tv

6. Check the Wall Socket

Horizontal lines on tv screen often encounter due to the faulty wall socket. Most of the time, faulty surge breakers are to blame when wall sockets don’t have enough power.

If you don’t have a device for checking wall sockets, you can unplug your TV, take out any surge protectors, and try another appliance that uses the same power. See if the wall socket works the way it should.

You can also plug your TV into a different wall output socket, preferably one on the other side of the room from the one you’re using now. Again, don’t use any surge guards or extension cords.

7. Contact Samsung support

If you still can’t get the solution of horizontal lines on Samsung TV screen, you can try to get help from Samsung. They offer a range of ways to get help, from in-home to mail-in.

The final evaluation and whether or not a warranty covers the work will affect how much this service will cost. But the good news is that a qualified Samsung expert will come to look at it.

Final Words

So far, we have covered 7 easy fixes for Samsung tv horizontal line on screen issues. If you are encountering this problem on your tv, first check the type of the lines on the screen and act according to the given fixes in this article.

Don’t try to open the tv panel by yourself cause you may void the warranty or break the hardware. Take the help of Samsung Care or an expert technician if you cannot solve the problem with the easy fixes in this article.

Did any of the above fixes work for you? If so, let us know by giving your thoughts in the comment section!


How do I fix the lines on my Samsung TV screen?

A quick fix to the horizontal lines on Samsung tv is doing a quick power cycle. Turn off your tv, unplug the cable from the input and output, wait for one minute, and connect again. If it’s not solved, try the other six methods given in this article.

Can a TV screen with lines be fixed?

It depends on the type of lines on the screen. Check if the lines on the screen are moving or still. If it’s moving, it can be fixed by some troubleshooting. However, if the lines are still, the possible reason is a hardware problem. You need to change the hardware to fix the problem.

What causes horizontal lines on LED TV screen?

Most of the time, horizontal lines on tv screen are caused by bad or loose connections. If you just moved your TV, you might not have hooked up the cords correctly. When wires are loose, they can easily fall out of their ports and create this problem due to an interrupted power supply.

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