How To Fix: iPhone Battery Drains Quickly – 5 Best Ways

If your iPhone battery drains quickly, here you can find how to fix your iPhone battery draining problem. Generally, the iPhone can last up to 10-11 hours under regular use.

If you discover that your iPhone is losing battery rapidly, you may need to attend to that immediately. Please note that the below-mentioned hints will help avoid further iPhone battery dies quickly due to the iOS 13.3 update.

iphone battery drains overnight

If you wish to conserve your iPhone battery life, learn what causes your phone’s battery to drain faster and how you can save your iPhone battery life.

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iPhone Battery Drains Quickly – Why?

If your iPhone battery is draining fast, there are two potential explanations: There is a chance that the battery is dead or something is forcing the device to take on a lot of power. To overcome the issue, you will need to understand both the hardware and software aspects, as well as the technical solutions, for your computer.

Since X- hardware problems can only be solved by an iPhone technician, we’ll concentrate on software first. To offer you some tips on which variables to rule out, we will address three of the most popular culprits.

iPhone battery drains quickly
  • iPhone Battery Drains Quickly due to Bad Updates

You may have learned about how people are having battery draining problems after downloading new updates. In reality, battery drainage is one of the most common problems faced by iPhone owners. In this situation, it is due to software problems.

Apple often fixes this issue with a dedicated update that includes a repair patch. We recommend that you ensure that the battery of your phone wasn’t affected after you installed a new update.

  • iPhone Battery Drains Quickly due to Rogue Apps

Apps that aren’t completely available will definitely be uninstalled at any moment. As apps begin to malfunction, adverse symptoms start to show up. Apps that are not updated are typically prone to malfunction when a new operating system update is released.

Some programs prefer to spin up so that the processor is still running. Therefore, continuous power usage rises.

  • iPhone Battery Drains Quickly due to Misconfigured Settings

The way you configure your iPhone settings especially on iPhone display, alerts, location services, wireless services, and other battery-consuming iOS features can result in accelerated battery drainage. As a result, it is recommended to optimize and change the settings so that energy consumption is reduced.

Generally, these are the key factors that you need to remember when assessing the cause of an iPhone battery that doesn’t charge quickly.

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Fixes For iPhone Battery Drains Quickly

The following troubleshooting techniques will aid in finding software bugs that could have caused your iPhone battery to die out so quickly. These generic solutions are applicable for any iPhone model, and the outlined steps are also applicable to any device.

Reboot to Solve iPhone Battery Drains Too Fast

If your iPhone has unexpectedly drained too much battery power, restarting the phone will possibly restore the battery. In this scenario, the symptom is possibly a problem with an app that issues a soft reset or forcing a restart.

iPhone Battery Drains Quickly due by Soft Resetting iPhone

A soft reset is carried out in iOS devices including the iPhone X and newer versions by doing the following:

  • Press and hold the Side button and either the Volume button until the power off slider appears.
  • Drag the slider to power off your iOS system.
  • Then after 30 seconds, hold down the Side button until you see the Apple logo.

On the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, or earlier models, a soft-reset is performed in this way:

  • Press and hold the Top or Side button until the Power off slider appears.
  • Drag the slider to power off your iOS system.
  • Hold the Top or Side button for 30 seconds to recall the phone.
  • Let the phone restart (if needed) and attempt to solve the problem.

iPhone Battery Drains Quickly due by Force Restarting iPhone

With the latest iPhone 8, 8 Plus, or later versions, the restarting process is carried out as follows:

  • Click and release the “Up” volume key on your iPhone.
  • Then press the lower volume button.
  • Finally, press and hold the Side button and then release it when the Apple logo appears.

On the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, those features are achieved this way.

  • Press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously until the device apple logo appears.

Earlier models of iPhones including the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 6, SE and 5s are forced restart through this:

  • Press and hold both the power (Sleep/Wake) button and the home button for a few seconds until the Apple logo appears.

Both restarting the program and rebooting the system are useful solutions to software problems like problematic applications or bugs in the system. None of the memory saving strategies impact the content stored on your phone’s internal memory, so all your valuable data is kept secure.

Manage Apps to Fix iPhone Battery Drains Overnight Issue

As mentioned earlier, rogue apps are among the most common culprits. In addition, you must also rule them out. A smart way to deal with the obsolete app is to upgrade them. In addition, app updates also contain fixes that rectify the vulnerabilities that caused an app to become unstable or erratic.

iPhone Battery Drains Quickly due by Updating Third-party Apps

Third-party applications and apps downloaded from the App Store oftentimes are the culprits in triggering slowdowns. If you haven’t allowed auto-updates, you have to manually update the applications. Try these to fix iPhone battery drains fast:

  • Go to Home screen and then press on the App Store.
  • From the App Store main screen, tap on “Updates” at the bottom. A screen allowing the user to see a list of pending updates for each app.
  • To update an app, tap the Update button next to its name.
  • To update more than one program at a time, press the ‘Update All’ button located in the upper-right corner of the screen.

After updating your apps, remember to reboot your iPhone for the updates to take effect.

Delete/Remove Bad Applications from Your iPhone

If upgrading the applications did not fix the iPhone battery dying quickly problem, removing or deleting unused applications from the iPhone should do the trick. Before you do that, you can pick which applications are draining your iPhone battery. To see how much battery power you use, you can use your iPhone’s battery usage tab. This is how to get there:

  • Tap Settings from your iPhone Home screen.
  • Tap Battery.
  • Go to the Battery Usage tab.
  • Click the Last 24 Hours or the Last 10 Days tab to display the details of which apps consumed battery at a certain period of time.

If you see an application using a lot of power, uninstalling or removing it might help. To uninstall an app on your iPhone, follow the steps below:

  • Click the Home button and locate the app for deletion.
  • When you find the app, simply press and hold it until you hear it vibrate.
  • Tap the X on the upper left of the icon to delete it.
  • If asked, touch Delete to confirm the deletion of the application from your iPhone.

Once bad apps have been deleted/uninstalled, tap anywhere on the empty home screen to prevent apps from shaking. After that, restart the iPhone to clear the phone memory, and reset any corrupt cache from the phone. Once you have done a factory reset on your iPhone, check to see if the “iPhone Battery drains quickly” problem has been fixed.

iPhone Battery Drains Quickly due by Upgrading iPhone to Newest iOS

Software and/or device issues that cannot be fixed by a soft reset and/or a forced restart can be remedied with a firmware update. These updates not only include improvements and new functionality but also dig into any known vulnerabilities and flaws.

To ensure the update finishes downloading, make sure to keep your iPhone hooked to its power adapter while the update completes. This way you won’t have to fear running out of control from power interruptions. Also bear in mind that your phone and the net link need to be active in order to download the update.

When you have completed the security review, follow these options to check for available updates, and install them.

  • Go to Home Screen & Tap on the Settings icon.
  • Tap General.
  • Tap Software Update.

If there is a new version of iOS available, you should be informed about it with the features and bug fixes. Read the review about the iPhone app updates, then press to download and install the update on your iPhone.

After upgrading, reboot your iPhone to conserve recently-installed device improvements and applications and services that might be refreshed.

Then test to see if your iPhone is still losing its battery as quickly as before.

iPhone Battery Drains Quickly due by Resetting All Settings on Your iPhone

It is also a significant factor that can lead to why an iPhone battery drains quickly. To rule out this problem, you should restore settings to their original defaults. Here’s how to do it:

  • Choose Settings from the Home screen.
  • Select General.
  • Please scroll down and tap on Reset.
  • Touches the checkbox or option to Reset all settings.
  • Please enter your iPhone passcode then tap “Reset” to proceed.

Your phone should restart after finishing the reset process. By the time you can activate the features you like, much of your phone is ready to use.

Resetting your iPhone is generally recommended when dealing with post-update battery drainage problem. Some notifications run in the background and often start working on their own.

Erase Your iPhone and Restore its Factory Defaults

If the previous attempts for fixing the iPhone battery drains quickly issue haven’t succeeded, and your iPhone battery still drains quickly, you will have to factory reset your iPhone.

Although there was initially no problem, a complex system error suddenly occurred during the initial procedures. It would be appropriate to reset the phone in order to set it up as new.

You must back up all of your essential data to iCloud or iTunes before continuing. Be mindful that a factory reset would also erase data already stored in the internal memory.

Once the backup is safe, you can move forward with restoring the phone through normal means. The most direct (and simpler) route is through iPhone settings. However, because your iPhone battery drains too fast, you need to attach it to the charger during the reset process so that you don’t lose something valuable. Once you are ready, please follow these instructions:

  • Go to the Home screen then tap on Settings.
  • Select General.
  • Please scroll down and tap on Reset.
  • Click the “Erase” button to clear all content and settings.
  • Please enter your password to begin.
  • When asked, confirm complete device reset.

The phone will then reboot the system. Just follow the onscreen prompts in the iPhone reboot series. After the initial setup process, then you can continue with setting up your iPhone as new.

Alternatively, you can attach your iPhone to the computer and use iTunes to recover your iPhone from a previous backup. Plug your iPhone into the USB port or Lightning port on the computer and let the device sync with iTunes. When your iPhone appears as a checkmark in iTunes, follow the prompt to reset your device.

If that does not help, take your iPhone out of recovery mode or DFU mode and restore it. Performing iOS restores in recovery or DFU mode is generally considered among the last choices if nothing else works and the phone battery started decreasing as a result.

Battery saving tricks for your iPhone

Any useful tips to reduce your iPhone’s power use are below. You can install any of these power-extending methods whenever they are required to prolong the life of your iPhone.

  • Change screen brightness. Changing the iPhone screen brightness consumes power. Therefore, you must consider lowering the screen brightness or adjusting it to the lowest setting.
  • To make your smartphone easier to see in dim lighting, use Settings-> Display & Brightness to reduce the brightness of your screen.
  • In addition to turning on Auto-Brightness, you can also allow Daylight Savings Time and make your iPhone automatically change the surrounding lights.
  • Switch off Google location services. Many applications enable the user to provide location information so that it can be used for various purposes. However, allowing these apps to reach the position would also cause the device to drain its precious battery power. If you don’t think you’re location needs to be shared with your apps, then you can disable this option.
  • For this, pick Settings-> Privacy-> Location Services then select Never from the given options.
  • You can also grant yourself access to Location Services when you use a certain app.
  • Switch off “Raise to Wake”. One feature of the iOS 10.3 update helps you to unlock your iPhone when you swing your phone out from your pocket while walking. If you use gestures often, then the screen will turn on more and drain the battery faster.
  • To turn off this function, select Settings -> Display & Brightness, and uncheck Allow Raise to Wake.
  • Placed all unused applications on hold. Background apps are programs that have been already released and are left running or suspended in the background. These applications are running in the background but are eating up resources because they have not been shut down. Therefore, these apps cannot exist.
  • To delete all background apps on the iPhone, double-tap the Home button to display and clear all apps. Then, swipe up on the app card and then hold it up and away from the phone.
  • You will clear out background apps on an iPhone X or later by swiping up from the bottom of the home screen, and then holding the screen briefly. And to end the app, simply long-press to preview it.
  • Delete unwanted and irritating interfaces. Limiting the number of widgets on your Home screen also adds to your productivity. Widget widgets help you stay on top of the latest knowledge and developments. But all those widgets need electricity in order to remain networked. It’s not a good idea to have a phone with a battery that drains too quickly.
  • In order to delete unnecessary widgets in your Today View, open the application tray by swiping to the right from your Home screen. Then tap Edit at the bottom of the Today screen. Next, press on the button labeled “X” next to the widget you wish to delete. Click Finish to proceed. Finally, tap Write My Paper to complete the process.
  • For the same model of iPhone, perform the same steps as deleting the unnecessary widgets on the Home screen.
  • Please disable background app refresh. With this feature allowed, apps can continue to perform tasks while not being used by the user. When you use your software, it can save you time, but also consumes more of your iPhone’s battery.
  • You can turn off background App Refresh by going to Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh and clicking “ON”.
  • Enable Minimize Motion. When this function is allowed, apps won’t be able to use cool animated effects. A large quantity of power is needed for animated files, so you should switch this function on to retain power.
  • To customize Minimize Motion, go to Settings-> General-> Accessibility-> and tap to turn off the switch.
  • Switch to Low Power Mode. Your iPhone will be in a low power state because it is in order to prolong its battery life. This function is usually used when the battery life of your cell phone is limited.
  • To trigger Low Power Mode on your iPhone, you can turn Low Power Mode ON in the Settings menu.
  • When your iPhone is in Low Power Mode, some features are disabled, including the monitor, some functions, and some functions do not operate.
  • Turn on Airplane Mode. Enabling airplane mode anywhere with bad or spotty reception is recommended. Turning off your mobile phone will keep it from looking for a signal.
  • If you’re ready, turn Airplane mode on by toggling the switch to “ON.” Alternatively, you can access the Airplane Mode setting inside the Control Center first then switch Airplane Mode on.
  • After disabling your iPhone’s wireless radios, you won’t have internet access, and cellular networks are still inaccessible. You are able to switch off Airplane Mode until you’re in a region with better cellular reception.

Here are some other battery saving tips for iOS:

Still your iPhone Battery Drains Quickly?

The above solutions are typically good enough for sudden and erratic battery drainage on an iPhone which is linked to software errors. If none of the above solutions fix the problem, or the iPhone battery is still draining too quickly, then you can rule out hardware-related issues.

If the battery or other related components are damaged, or if they don’t function, then we will repair them. If your iPhone is new, then contact the provider/carrier to demand the warranty on your iPhone. You may follow-up to order a new device or offer a free service.

I hope you have been able to address the issue with the product. I would appreciate it if you helped me spread the word so please share this post if you find it helpful. Thank you for reading!

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