How to Get a Higher Snapchat Score Quickly

Want to increase your Snapchat score as quickly as possible? You’ve arrived at the right location. This article will show you how to get a higher Snapchat score quickly and safely, as well as what to avoid doing.

What is Snapchat Score?

A key Snapchat feature, Snapchat Score, keeps users interested as they continuously compare their scores with those of their friends. Just beneath your name on Snapchat is where you can check your account’s Snapchat score.

How to Get a Higher Snapchat Score

It includes how many snaps you’ve sent or received from friends, how many you’ve posted to stories, and how many people you’ve added to your Snapchat friend list.

You won’t obtain the complete Snapchat score that is shown under your name if you add the numbers for snaps sent and snaps received. This is a result of the additional elements that contribute to the final score.

Fast Snapchat Score Increase: Is it Safe?

If you Google “Snapchat Score,” you’ll be inundated with numerous methods that promise to dramatically increase your Snap Score. This is simply not feasible. In comparison to other social networking sites, Snapchat’s algorithm is very different.

You can’t hack it, so don’t be duped by these tricks. Please avoid using any third-party apps or websites and refrain from paying them. These websites and apps are designed to infect your device with malware or spyware or to con you out of your hard-earned money. Do not believe them when they say they are reputable or legitimate!

Stick to this article where we will show you how to get a higher Snapchat score without using any third-party website or software and these are the best ways which are provided by Snapchat’s terms of service.

What does make Your Snapchat Score Go Up?

Snapchat doesn’t explicitly disclose its algorithm. Staying active on the app might seem like all there is to it, but things can get difficult. On the surface, it appears that most users realize that their Snapchat score increases the more active they are, however, there are a few users that don’t follow this guideline.

The figures change depending on a number of variables, including the number of Snapchat users who see your Snaps and how frequently you update your stories. Snap wants a Snap Score to rise for a variety of unexplained factors.

Here are some activities on which Snap score depends:

  1. Sending Snaps: If you send a Snap, your Snapchat score increase by 1 point. You will not get any additional points by sending the same Snap to more than one person.
  2. Opening Snaps: Receiving Snaps and opening them will also help in increasing the points. If you open an unread Snap, you will get a 1 Snap score.
  3. Posting Stories: Your Snapcore is affected by the stories you share and see, including private Snapchat Stories. Snapchat score increase by 1 point if you post one story.
  4. Snapchat Streaks: You will get additional points for keeping the Snapchat streak up and watching other person’s streaks. The points for this case may be different for everyone.

What are the benefits of increasing Snap Score?

The higher your score on Snapchat, the more invested and interested you are in your actions. It works like a video game mechanic. One of the best ways to keep you interested in and track your progress on this app is the Snapchat scoring system.

Sadly, there are no exclusive features that become available as your Snapchat score increases. However, a high Snap Score makes it easier for many users to distinguish between real individuals and platform bots.

However, you can still invest some of your time on how to get a higher Snapchat score because you can earn Snapchat trophies through the Snap score.

By reaching a particular Snapchat score, you can earn up to 7 trophies. Here are the list of points you need to earn the Snapchat trophies:

  • 10 – baby emoji
  • 100 – star emoji
  • 1000 – sparkles emoji
  • 10000 – circled star emoji
  • 50000 – explosion emoji
  • 100000 – rocket emoji
  • 500000 – ghost emoji

In the future update, the Snapchat team may offer more features such as limited edition Snapchat filters, and special user names based on the Snapchat increase score.

How to see Your Sent and received snap Scores?

Before going to the main point on how to get a higher Snapchat score fast, let’s know how to check your sent and received Snap score. Here’s how to check your Snap Score in the Snapchat app on Android or iPhone.

  • Open your Snapchat app and tap your profile icon or avatar from the upper left corner of the camera screen.
Snapchat score increase
Sent and received snap numbers

Here, you can also get your total Snapchat score. It takes time to update the score, so you have to wait a moment to see the changes. Want to hide your snap score from others? Know how to hide Snapchat scores.

How to Get a Higher Snapchat Score Fast? – 7 Safe Ways

If you want a higher Snapchat score within a quick period of time, you need to be engaged in more one-on-one interactions with other Snapchat users. Here are 7 tips on how to get a higher Snapchat score quickly:

1. Send Snaps to your friends to increase Snapchat score

Despite the fact that the methodology behind your Snap Score is kept a secret, we have found that sending Snaps to certain people will undoubtedly raise your score.

How to Get a Higher Snapchat Score
Send more Snaps to raise your Snap score

Finding one or two good friends who share your objectives is your greatest bet for raising your Snapchat score rapidly. The more times you snap them during the day, the higher your score will be!

Keep in mind that sending Snaps in group conversations has no positive effect on your ranking. Don’t simply send group messages; also send Snaps to specific people. Strangely enough, this scenario does not also apply to chat messages. So make sure to send Snaps rather than regular messages.

2. Send multiple snaps at once to increase snap score

You receive 1 point for each photo you send to a friend. This is how it functions. Therefore, if you start sending snaps to several friends at once, you can gain an extra point. If you send a snap to 10 people, for instance, you might get 10–11 points.

Snapchat increase score
Send multiple snaps at once

How to send multiple snaps at once?

Snapchat allows you to send a single snap to numerous friends. Simply choose the recipients’ names from the list and tap the white “Send” arrow. When you click the “Send” arrow once more, this picture will be sent to every person you’ve chosen.

3. Send snaps on a regular basis

Try to send as many Snapchats as you can regularly (but this does not mean you should send one every hour!). It aids in the daily improvement of your Snapchat score.

We have a Snapchat Score hack if you are unable to send snaps frequently or if your score plateaus after a few days. For a few days, log out or shut down your Snapchat account. As a result, Snapchat will give you six gap rewards and increase your Snapchat Score when you return.

4. Open unread snaps

It’s a good idea to open a Snap that a user has sent you (and respond to it). Snaps can be sent or received, and both generally raise your score. So make sure to check and open your Snaps every day, regardless of the content.

How to Get a Higher Snapchat Score fast
Open unread snaps

5. Snapchat score increase trick: Add more friends

You can get points on Snapchat whether you send or accept a friend request. But with time, this tactic won’t be effective. Only when you are new to Snapchat and initially trying to acquire points it is helpful.

Snapchat score increase quickly
Add more friends on Snapchat

You should keep in mind that adding celebrities to your friend list may not result in an increase in your Snapchat score. Also, learn How To Add Music To Multiple Instagram Stories.

6. Avoid sending direct messages

Your Snapchat score does not rise as a result of sending or reading a direct message on the app.

how to increase snap score
Don’t send direct messages

you can avoid sending chat messages by tapping a chat message from a friend and then tapping the circular “Capture” icon above the keyboard to send a photo in response.

7. Add snaps to your story

Consider adding more snaps to your story. You will receive one point for each snap that you add.

raise snap score
Add your Snap to the story

To add a snap to your story, tap the “Send” arrow button, followed by the “My Story” circle in the upper-left corner of the recipient’s screen. A small dialog box will appear asking for confirmation. Tap on Add.

So, that’s the end of how to get a higher Snapchat score in safe ways.

How to Get a Higher Snapchat Score: An Unsafe but Fastest Method

We have already discussed 7 safe methods of increasing Snapchat scores. There is another way through which you can actually get a higher Snapchat score, however, we don’t recommend this way because it involves third-party apps on your device.

If you are still interested and desperate to get a higher Snapchat score within a few days, follow these steps:

  • At first, uninstall the Snapchat app from your device
  • Go here and download AppValley app to your device.
  • While installing the app, you may need to accept software from an unknown source.
  • After installation, select the center most tab and choose hacked app category.
  • There you can see Snapchat Plus Plus. Select it.
  • Log in to your Snapchat account using Snapchat plus plus.
  • Now create a group from the Group tab and add some celebrities to that group.
  • Add as many as you can, the more, the better.
  • After that, send Snaps to this group. It will send the Snaps to each person in the group and you will get 1 Snap score for each.

Follow these steps many times and check the drastic change in your Snap score. However, this method is not safe and is against the terms of service of Snapchat.

Why Is Snapchat Score Not Updating or Increasing?

There is a common misunderstanding that Snapchat constantly updates its standings. There isn’t. However, some users might notice an instant update to their Snapchat scores. The average time it takes Snapchat to update your profile’s ratings is seven days. So, all you can do is, take note of your statistics and wait for at least seven days to see if your score gets up.

If you don’t communicate and engage with your friends frequently on Snapchat, your score could decline. Even worse, if you continue these actions, the score might not rise. However, there is a quick fix to get your Snapchat score back on track: simply log out of the app and sign back in.

Final Words

In this article, we have tried to give you some tips on how to get a higher Snapchat score in safe and unsafe ways. It is our recommendation not to use any third-party service in the process of Snapchat increase score. Keep some patience and try to use the seven safe methods that we have provided. This will help you to keep your Snapchat account safe.

If you have any questions regarding how to get a higher Snapchat score, you can add a comment in the comment section and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

FAQs on how to get a higher Snapchat score

Here are a few frequently asked questions about raising your Snap Score on Snapchat that should assist you in staying current with the most recent knowledge. Let’s get going.

How To Get A Higher Snapchat Score?

Sending snaps to your friends and opening the snaps they send you is the best way to get a higher Snapchat score.

Every snap that is sent or received is worth one point. For some extra points, you can choose to submit numerous photographs to influencer and celebrity accounts.

Why is your Snapchat score not going up?

Snapchat scores are not continuously updated. The average turnaround time for Snapchat to update your results is one week. Your scores should start to rise after that.

How to hide Snapchat scores from your friends?

Only blocking someone on Snapchat or deleting them from your friend list will allow you to hide your Snapchat scores from your friends.

This is so that you can only see someone’s snap rating if you both have added each other as friends.

Can your Snapchat scores go down?

No. Snapchat score is unchangeable. Your Snapchat score will never decrease once it starts rising and is displayed next to your profile picture.

How can I get my Snap score higher?

There is no trick involved. Just keep in mind to send streaks, swap out text messages for snaps, and bombard your friends or famous people with snaps. It’s a good idea to add famous people on Snapchat because they probably won’t add you back.

Is it possible to increase your Snapchat score by sending snaps to yourself?

You can choose this option as well if you don’t want to disturb your friends by sending pointless snaps to boost your score.

Your score will quickly rise if you send yourself snaps on a daily basis, however, opening your own snaps will have no effect on your score.

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