How to Get Free Netflix Forever – 8 Guaranteed Methods

If you are a Netflix lover and searching for how to get free Netflix forever legally, then this article may help you with a free Netflix account to watch Netflix content without paying.

how to get free netflix forever 2021

Netflix is a streaming service that has a lot of amazing content, including original shows and movies that aren’t available anywhere else. Not everybody can afford to subscribe due to rising subscription fees and difficult economic times, but there are a few ways to stream Netflix for free.

Here, you will get the 8 guaranteed and legal ways on how to get free Netflix forever in 2021 and you don’t have to pay anything to stream Netflix after reading this article.

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How Much Does Netflix Cost?

Netflix offers three membership options, all of which are considerably less expensive than a monthly cable subscription.

Basic$8.991 (Max users)SD
Standard$12.992 (Max users)HD
Premium$15.994 (Max users)HD, Ultra HD 4K
Netflix Pricing

Although that is a reasonable price, having anything for free is preferable to paying a low price. That’s why you may be interested in finding out how to get free Netflix forever legally.

Fortunately, there are a variety of options for getting Netflix for free and below are the few ways.

How to Get Free Netflix Forever 2021

Actually there are no such methods that can provide free Netflix for lifetime. You can use cracked apk of Netflix to stream without paying but this may not work for a long time. However, here are the 5 legal ways on how to get free Netflix for a limited time period:

  1. Start with Free Trial Period
  2. Multiple Trials
  3. Search for Coupon Websites
  4. Share Plans
  5. Extend Trial Period
  6. T-Mobile
  7. Verizon Fios
  8. Gift Cards

Let’s discuss about each of the methods to get free Netflix in 2021. Read: How to Install Netflix on Samsung Smart Tv.

1. Start with Free Trial Period

You just need to follow these measures to get a free month of Netflix. For the time being, we’ll concentrate on the Sign Up procedure.

  • Of course, the first step is to visit the Netflix website.
  • The red button labeled “Try 30 Days Free” should be clicked.
How To Get Free Netflix Forever 2021
Try 30 Days Free
  • You will now be taken to a page with details about the free trial and its terms and conditions. Click the “SEE THE PLANS” button to move on to the next level.
How To Get Free Netflix Forever legally
  • You can now choose one of the three subscription packages available. You can use the premium plan to take care of all of the premium features for your conscience so you don’t have to pay anything for the first month.
free netflix
Choose the package
  • Now you must enter your e-mail address (which you have not previously used on Netflix) and a password of your choice before clicking the “Continue” button. Remember these details or save them directly from your browser because you’ll need them to log into your Netflix account in the future with your e-mail and password.
Netflix trial subscription
Input email and password.
  • Finally, you must enter your payment details. Don’t worry; you can only use these if you don’t cancel your subscription until the free month expires. You have the choice of paying with a credit card, a debit card, PayPal, or gift cards.
how to get netflix for free
Provide your billing info

If you complete all of these measures, you will be able to use Netflix for free for a month in 2021. If you have selected the standard subscription, you have complete access to the subscription at this time and without any limitations.

netflix for free
Start your Netflix Membership for free

Remember to cancel your Netflix trial until it expires!

The cancellation of the free month is a straightforward process. It’s not a difficult job. Netflix makes it easy for you by allowing you to deactivate the trial month immediately after signing up, so you can always take advantage of the deal for 30 days for free!

So, if you’ve just recently started using Netflix, you can cancel your subscription at any time (within 30 days) and continue to watch Netflix for free until the trial period ends.

To stop Netflix trial, follow these steps:

  • Go to your Netflix account and sign in.
  • Select the sub-item “Account” under “your name” in the upper right corner.
  • You can notice the button “Cancel Membership” to the left of your e-mail address, which you must press.
How to  stop Netflix trial
Stop Netflix trial
  • Finally, you must confirm your subscription cancellation. That is everything there is to it. You’ve just finished canceling your Netflix account.
  • You can reactivate your account at any time after the cancellation if necessary.

2. Multiple Trials to Get Free Netflix 2021

This method is quite easy. You can generate more email ids and use various payment methods once your trial period is over.

You just need to have a variety of payment methods in order to enjoy Netflix by creating different trial accounts. You can handle more trials if you have more payment gateways.

And indeed, there are those who believe that entering credit card information is deceptive. Netflix, on the other hand, is a knowledgeable and well-managed database. You will not be fined until the trial period has ended. They even give us a reminder three days ahead of time.

So, don’t be concerned! Multiple trials are a legitimate way to get free Netflix, and you can use this form. This is one of the best methods on how to get free Netflix forever.

3. Search for Coupon Websites

There are websites where you can get Netflix coupons these codes will help you to get a Netflix account for free or at a discounted rate.

These websites will assist you in obtaining promo codes, vouchers, discounts, and much more. Simply search for this and you will be able to get a free Netflix subscription or great discounts on Netflix.

Here are some websites where you will get Netflix discount codes:

I hope you’ve visited these websites. These are really incredible. If you’re thinking of getting a Netflix subscription, make sure to check out these websites because they have some discount coupons that really work and can help you save money.

4. How to Get Free Netflix Forever with Share Plans

If you want to know how to get free Netflix forever, then this will be a perfect trick for you. Suppose your friend has a Netflix account and you can use it too without any cost because Netflix offers streaming on multiple devices at a time.

Since the simple Netflix plan does not allow HD streaming, chances are that if you know anyone who has a Netflix subscription, they have the regular or premium plan. You can log in and watch whatever you want without messing with their binge-watching if they trust you enough to give you their password.

How to Share Netflix Plans with Friends

You can have up to five different profiles on Netflix, each with its own watch lists and recommendations. This helps you to share your account without worrying about your friends or family clogging up your recommendations with shows you don’t care about.

Here’s how to make a new Netflix account:

  • Sign in using the email and password.
  • In the upper right corner, choose your user icon. Skip to Step 3 if you see the Who’s watching? screen.
  • Manage Profiles is the option to choose.
How to Share Netflix Plans with Friends
  • Select the Add Profile option.
How to add accounts in Netflix
  • Select CONTINUE after giving the new profile a name.
How to Get Free Netflix
  • Select DONE..

You can’t give each profile a different password. New profiles are created with the same email address and password as existing profiles. Just share your Netflix account with people you know and trust. You are liable for the conduct of those you authorize to use your account as the account holder.

5. Extend Trial Period

Why are you waiting so long to receive another Netflix free trial invitation e-mail? When you have a way to ask them explicitly to extend your free trial beyond 30 days. Also, we cannot guarantee that this strategy will work for you 100% of the time, but it does have a chance if you are lucky enough.

When your trial period is about to expire, simply call Netflix’s hotline or contact Netflix support and speak with a customer service representative, explaining that you did not make the most of the trial because you were too busy with work to watch.

That’s what there is to it! And, if you’re lucky, they’ll give you a free one-month trial period. This is another best method on how to get free Netflix forever.

6. How to Get Netflix for Free with T Mobile

T-Mobile can throw in a Netflix account for free, but the offer isn’t open to all. The free Netflix deal isn’t available if you choose a package that doesn’t include a credit check or a prepaid plan.

How to Get Netflix for Free with T Mobile

T-Mobile customers can get free Netflix by following these steps:

  • Enroll in a T-Mobile One plan.
  • Be certain you don’t choose a prepaid or no-credit-check package.
  • At least one more line should be added to your plan. If you have at least two lines, you will get a free Netflix subscription.
  • Enroll in the Netflix On Us service.

T-Mobile will give you a text message with directions to follow.

7. How to Get Free Netflix Forever Using Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios, also known as Verizon Fios, is an internet service available in more than 9 states in the United States. So, if you have a Verizon Fios subscription, you can get Netflix for free. Everything you have to do now is:

  • Sign up for Fios TV.
  • Select a triple play kit, which includes TV, phone, and internet.
  • After a certain amount of time, maybe a month or two, Verizon will send you an email with a connection to a free Netflix subscription.
  • Log in and start watching Netflix.

According to Mech Tech, you should also be aware of Verizon Fios’ offers because their terms and conditions are subject to change.

8. Netflix Gift Card Deals

Netflix gift cards are available in certain territories at physical stores or through online retailers. You will sometimes find these cards for less than their face value. If it’s because stores want to get rid of their inventory or because it’s part of a larger offer.

how to get netflix gift cards

Physical gift cards, and other online services like PlayStation Plus or Xbox Game Pass, can have price variations.

Just keep in mind that the gift card must be in the same currency as the account; for example, you can’t use a gift card in US dollars with a South African Netflix account.

Watch video tutorial on how to get Netflix gift card:

Final Words

You may be wondering how to get free Netflix forever or how to get Netflix for free legally – but there is no legal way to do so.

You can get Netflix for free for long periods of time using the methods described above, such as a year, or you can cycle through free trials that will also get you the service for free for a long period of time, but there is no one thing you can do to get the service for free forever.

So, give one of the above methods a shot, and you’ll be able to watch Netflix for free!

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