How to Hide Location on iPhone- 5 Best Ways

Do you want to know how to hide location on iPhone without them knowing? In fact, some people also think it is impractical to conceal the position on an iPhone. What you have to remember is that the hiding place on the iPhone has many advantages.

You can trick the apps that are installed if you move the original position of the app to something different. That implies that the apps that are installed on your smartphone will take the actual location as the changed location.

hide location on iPhone without them knowing

When you play games that operate on the basis of the place, this can be useful. In addition to that, after changing the region, there are numerous other workable features to experience. Read: How To Fix iPhone Battery Drains Quickly.

Some apps use location tracking to provide more detailed details you may be interested in about nearby venues. Without knowing where you are, the weather app wouldn’t be able to give you such reliable forecasts. However, there is a negative side of this sort of monitoring.

But you just shouldn’t panic yet, as hiding your location on an iPhone is very easy. Check the following tips and tricks on how to hide location on iPhone without them knowing.

 Hide Location on iPhone By Setting a Virtual Location

Setting a virtual location is the best way to hide location on iPhone, make the iPhone think you’re really there! Tenorshare iAnyGo is such a tool that allows you to adjust the location of the iPhone anywhere and can also configure the route to allow the GPS to travel. Let’s look at how it works.

how to hide location on iPhone without them knowing
  • Launch the software on your computer, select ‘Change Location’.
  • Connect your iPhone with the computer; Unlock your iPhone and then click the “Enter” button to begin.
How to Hide Location on iPhone
  • Enter the address you want in the search box and click “Start to Modify”.
hide location on iPhone using Tenorshare iAnyGo

Turn ‘Share My Location’ off

There may be reasons why you want to disable location sharing with the application and other members within your scope. To avoid posting your location on the “Share My Location” list with other members and follow the following guidelines.

On an iPhone running iOS 8 or higher, the following steps are likely to work.

  • Go to Settings, scroll down to Privacy Settings and tap on it.
  • On the privacy settings, find , “Location Services,” tap to open the it.
  • Now, on the locations services, tap on “Share My Location.”
  • On the Share My Location, toggle to “Never” by selecting particular apps.
turn off share my location in iPhone

Stop Sharing Your Location on Find My App

Find My app is designed for the purpose of sharing your location with the iOS device of your family member or people at your fingertips. With the feature, the phone can be traced if it is lost. You may also love to know: Best Ways To Turn Off Amber Alerts On iPhone And Android

If on Find My app, you want to avoid sharing your location with the family members, then here is how to do it.

  • Open your iPhone and select the “Find My” app. The application is readily available on new iOS devices having iOS version 14.1.
  • At the bottom left corner, you can see the “Me” icon, tap on it. Now just select “Don’t Share”
stop iPhone location sharing

Turn on Airplane Mode

Turning ON Airplane mode will do a great favor if you don’t want your iPhone to connect to any nearby devices or get calls during busy hours.

The built-in feature that any cell phone has these days is airplane mode. Here are the known ways in which we will explore turning on airplane mode.

  • Swipe your status bar down from the lock screen or home screen.
  • On the top box, you can see an Airplane icon, tap on it.

Turn ON Airplane Mode from Settings

turn on airplane mode in iPhone
  • Turn on your device and go to “Settings” from the home screen.
  • On the settings, the top block has “Airplane Mode”, Turn it ON.

Hide Your iPhone Location Completely

There’s just one foolproof way to conceal your iPhone’s location absolutely. That’s to turn your iPhone off so that your location stops transmitting and you won’t unintentionally post it.

Click and hold the Volume Up Button and the Side Button on the right of your iPhone simultaneously to turn your iPhone off. Then, slide the power icon from left to right at the top of the page.

As described earlier, in some cases, law enforcement and your phone provider will look up the location of your iPhone. This is usually confined to a warrant, a subpoena, or an emergency.

Even with location services disabled, your iPhone is continuously emitting signals that can help them track your phone down. They can narrow down your place, for example, based on which cell towers are connected to your iPhone.

There are also countless iPhone applications that more regularly log your location than you may know. Google maintains a record, for instance, of wherever your iPhone has been for years. It records the exact position every time you take a picture on your iPhone.

Some Q&A about How to Hide Location on iPhone

  • Can you fake your location on Find My iPhone

Other than jailbreaking your iPhone, there seems to be no way you can fake your location on Find My iPhone. Otherwise, you should leave your iPhone for some excuse at home.

  • How to stop sharing location without them knowing?

You can hide location on iPhone using the hidden location service feature, which does not send any notification. Here is a short summary of how to stop sharing location without them knowing?

  1. Hide Location On iPhone By Setting A Virtual Location
  2. Turn ‘Share My Location’ Off
  3. Stop Sharing Your Location On Find My App
  4. Turn On Airplane Mode
  5. Hide Your iPhone Location Completely
  • Can someone still see my location on Airplane mode?

No, there is no way to track you when you turn on Airplane mode to hide your location on iPhone.

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