How to Hide Purchases on Amazon

If you are searching for how to hide purchases on Amazon, and don’t know how to do that, this article is going to help you with some easy ways of hiding purchases on Amazon.

How to hide amazon purchases

Many people shop online at the massive online retailer Amazon. It’s a simple way to get what you want or need. If you shop on Amazon, you might be unaware that the site keeps track of what you’ve previously purchased. As a result, if you share an account with anyone, they will be able to see what you’ve bought.

If you want to know how to hide purchases on Amazon that you have ordered, you can’t fully erase them, however, you can hide the purchase history to surprise your family member. This will also help you keep your transactions private and give you peace of mind that your background is safe.

is there a way to hide orders on amazon

Hide your order on Amazon is easy, whether you want to hide your gift purchases inside a shared family account or just want an extra layer of privacy. While there is no way to fully delete your order, you can do a good job of hiding it and making it difficult to locate.

If you follow all of the guidelines here, your order history should be extremely safe. You should be able to keep your purchasing history much safer in the future if you just turn off browsing history monitoring, use Amazon Household, and store your orders easily. You may also love to Hide & Delete YouTube History Without an Account.

How to Hide Purchases on Amazon [From Website]

When you visit Amazon, make sure you are signed in to your account and that the transaction you want to conceal is associated with that account. To conceal your order, follow the steps outlined below.

  • Navigate to Account & Lists from the main screen.
How To Hide Purchases On Amazon
  • Choose Your Orders.
how to hide amazon purchases
  • Choose which time span you want the transaction to be hidden from the dropdown box.
can you hide orders on amazon
  • You’ll find an Archive Order choice in the bottom left-hand corner of the order you want to hide. Click on this and then pick Archive Order from the pop-up menu.

The order has been removed from your payment history, but it can still be found in Your Account under Archived Orders. However, there are additional ways to conceal purchasing history in order to prevent others from discovering your order.

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How To Hide Purchases On Amazon Via Amazon Household

You can also use Amazon’s Household feature if you have Amazon Prime. This helps you to share Amazon Prime benefits with additional members while keeping your accounts separate and private. You can create two adult accounts, fourteen accounts, and four infant accounts.

How To Hide Purchases On Amazon Via Amazon Household

Adult accounts will keep their Amazon details secret from the adult accounts, but teen and child accounts cannot. You can also opt to share only such digital content with the teen and child accounts through Amazon.

Amazon Household will provide you with additional privacy while also providing shared Prime benefits to all family members. It also doesn’t cost anything extra to set up a Household, so you don’t have to be concerned about cost.

How To Hide Purchases On Amazon Via Browsing History

And if you archive your order, it will remain in your browsing history. This means that if anyone looks at the account’s browsing history, the item will still be there. Deleting this will help you hide any traces of your previous purchase even more. Here’s how to get rid of your browsing history.

  • Navigate to Account & Lists, then to Your Account, and then to Browsing History.
How To Hide Purchases On Amazon Via Browsing History

  • Locate the object you want to remove and click the Remove From View button in the bottom right corner.
  • You can also go to the top and pick Manage History, then Remove all things from view.

You may switch Browsing History on/off at the top of your browsing history page if you don’t want your potential browsing history to be monitored. This will prevent Amazon from monitoring your searches and any things you click on. This will make it much easier to conceal potential orders.

Also, make sure to clear your internet browser history, as things you’ve looked at and orders you’ve placed can still appear here. The approach can vary depending on the browser you’re using, but in general, you can go to your history in your browser’s options and clear your history up to a certain date. You can also find and remove a particular tab.

Quick Tip: Go to your browser, press ctrl+shift+delete, then mark on browsing history and press clear data. It will remove all browsing history from the browser.

How To Hide Purchases On Amazon App

If you want to archive an order using your cell phone, you’ll have to work a little harder because you can’t archive orders using the Amazon app or mobile site. This means you’ll need to use your mobile browser to navigate the desktop site and follow the same steps as mentioned above.

When using Safari on an iPhone, tap the site settings icon in the top left corner and select Request Desktop Website. If you’re using Chrome on Android, you can check the box next to Desktop Site by tapping on the menu options.

This should grant you access to the entire Amazon website, where you can archive order history as if you were using a device. So, if you don’t have access to a laptop, you can still hide your Amazon order.

While the app does not allow you to hide purchases, it does allow you to manage your browsing history. Simply navigate to the Your Account tab, which resembles a head, tap on Your Account, and then scroll all the way down to find Browsing History.

How To Hide Purchases On Amazon App

Tap Manage in the upper-right corner. Then, to hide your record, select Remove all items from view. You may also turn your history on or off here.

How To Hide Purchases On Amazon App

How to Hide Purchases On Amazon: Secret Tips

Here are some other secret tips for you on how to hide Amazon purchases from your family.

Ship to a different address

You can also ship to a different address in Your Account by going to Manage Addresses and 1-Click Settings. Simply click Add Address and enter the necessary information. Any time you place an order with a new or changed address, you will be asked to confirm your credit card for security purposes.

You may also remove or change any saved addresses in this section. That is how do you hide orders on amazon.

Ship to an Amazon Locker

Deliveries can also result in spoilers. Nothing says “something’s up” more loudly than a large Amazon box waiting at your front door, particularly when a special event like Christmas is approaching.

You can still ship to a nearby Amazon Locker to avoid Amazon home or office delivery gift spoilers.

What exactly are Amazon Lockers? They are essentially distribution hubs situated in over 900 cities across the United States. You can ship an item to your preferred Amazon Locker and then pick it up at a time that is convenient for you.

To ship to an Amazon Locker, log in to your Amazon account and locate your nearest Locker spot, then add it to your shipping address book. You can now choose your Locker as the shipping address if you buy anything.

When an item is shipped to the Locker, Amazon will send you an email with the six-digit code you’ll need to retrieve it. Enter the code on the Locker’s touchscreen interface, wait for the door to unlock, and retrieve your box.

Try Amazon Key

Try Amazon Key if you want your delivery to be put in specific areas at your home address, such as your driveway, inside your home, behind a fence, or even in your car trunk. Watch this video to know more about Amazon Key:

Now you know how to hide purchases on Amazon and search history, adjust those settings and start shopping without notifying your family!

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