How to Remove Facebook Reviews – 3 Best Ways

If you are searching for how to remove Facebook reviews, then you are at the right place. In this post, you will get the 3 best ways to remove reviews from Facebook within a few clicks.

how to remove facebook reviews from page

If you own a company, Facebook is a vital part of your marketing plan. Why wouldn’t you use it for billions of users, various ways to connect with clients, a two-way interaction with your followers, and a plethora of methods for engagement?

However, there are some noticeable drawbacks. The same trolls and jerks that find Facebook impossible to use as a private citizen can also be found on business sites. Facebook is often used to intentionally smear other companies by reviewing bombing and orchestrating social media marketing campaigns.

If you Google ‘buy negative real Facebook reviews,’ you can find hundreds of businesses promising to sell negative reviews. You can buy negative feedback to ostensibly counteract the flood of favorable reviews and make your profile more realistic for a small fee.

In fact, these services are used to discredit rivals. Nobody believes for a second that an organization will intentionally incorporate negative reviews into their own account.

So, you have a few options to delete Facebook reviews and save your business from losing potential customers.

how to Remove Facebook reviews from the page

Here are 3 best options on how to remove reviews from Facebook:

  • Report any false Facebook reviews.
  • Delete reviews from Facebook for the time being.
  • Resolve the complaint to reinforce consumer bonds—and even encourage consumers to edit or delete negative feedback.

Let’s discuss each of the options in detail to know how to remove Facebook reviews from page.

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1. how to report Facebook reviews

Reviews that violate Facebook’s Community Standards will be removed. Fake reviews and reviews containing hate speech are examples of this.

If you think a negative review on your Facebook page breaches these policies, you can report it and have it deleted.

Step 1: Identify Fake Facebook Reviews

The terminology used in fake reviews can be used to classify them in general. If the details are ambiguous, the sentences are disjointed, the review does not pertain to your service, or the author suggests a competitor of yours, the review is most likely a forgery.

To double-check the review’s validity, confirm all of the complaint’s details:

  • Is the customer in your customer relationship management system (CRM)?
  • Is there something written down that shows what happened on the job?
  • Talk with any team members who worked on a project to validate details. If you can’t find any details about this client, it’s probably a forgery.

Detecting fake reviews is not an exact science, and you must treat each one individually.

You may also report the analysis if it involves hate speech, threats, or personal information.

Step 2: Report Fake Facebook Reviews

Once you’ve determined that a review is false and/or violates Facebook’s standards, you can report it to Facebook by taking the following steps:

Report Fake Reviews
  • Go to your Facebook review page.
  • Navigate to the top right-hand corner and click on the three dots. A drop-down menu will pop up and select “Find support or report Recommendation.”
  • Follow the directions. Choose from several options to tell Facebook why you’re reporting the recommendation, such as recommendation not relevant, unfair recommendation, spam, abuse, and so on.
How To Report Facebook Reviews

Facebook does not specify how long it takes to investigate a report. However, if anything goes as expected, they can confirm that the analysis is fraudulent and delete it.

2. how to Delete reviews from a Facebook page

Facebook also allows you to temporarily delete feedback so that consumers cannot see them when they visit your Facebook business page.  When this function is activated, all reviews, both positive and negative, are hidden.

Customers use reviews to help them determine who to recruit. Is it a smart idea to get rid of them?

There are a few situations where you can. Perhaps you think you have a few poor reviews that, on their own, might destroy your reputation.

Or maybe you’re going through a rough patch and getting a lot of negative feedback, which makes it difficult to get new business—despite the fact that you have a lot of positive feedback.

Removing all Facebook feedback is a temporary solution that allows you to buy time to solve your problems while having no negative effects on your company.

It gives you more time to approach disgruntled customers, hear about their problems, settle any issues, and hopefully convince them to erase their negative reviews and replace them with constructive ones (more on that in the next section).

It’s also very easy. Follow these steps to remove reviews from your Facebook page:

  • Visit your Facebook business page.
  • Click Settings from the left bar and select Templates and Tabs.
How to Remove Facebook Reviews
  • Scroll down to Reviews and toggle the Show Reviews slider to Off and hit Save.

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3. Change Negative Facebook Reviews into Positive Ones

Receiving the occasional negative review is an unavoidable part of running a service company. Instead of viewing feedback negatively, consider it an opportunity to boost your market, re-engage disappointed customers, and forge even stronger customer relationships.

You can strengthen your review management, resolve customer concerns, and regain their business. Here’s the way:

Step 1: Respond to all negative Facebook reviews

This indicates to the disgruntled customer—and all prospective customers—that you take their grievances seriously.

When reacting to negative feedback, always remember to:

  • Maintain a professional and courteous demeanor.
  • Refer to the customer by name.
  • Apologize and take responsibility for the case.
  • Give a compromise and focus on keeping the discussion offline to avoid any harm to your reputation.

Step 2: Send a follow-up

Once the issue has been resolved, send the customer a follow-up email to see if they are satisfied with the outcome.

Step 3: Ask them to edit or remove the review

If the customer is pleased with your approach, ask if they would be able to delete or edit their negative rating.

They almost definitely would be. If this is the case, simply instruct them to go to Facebook, find their summary, click the three dots in the top right corner, and then choose Edit or Delete.

If you follow these measures, it’s not impossible that they’ll upgrade that one star to a five-star rating and tell their friends about it.

And just like that, you’ve proved your devotion to customer service by turning a profoundly disappointed customer into a raving fan.

Some FAQs about Deleting Facebook Reviews

Can I remove a Facebook review?

Unfortunately, there is no ‘delete’ button on Facebook feedback. Your only choice is to report a review or to respond to it respectfully and professionally.

How can I get more positive Facebook reviews?

A positive review is an excellent advertisement. If you have one or two bad ones, having more good ones will help you improve your ranking. To maximize the number of reviews, ask your customers to leave a comment. Some businesses would also give you a discount in exchange for your gratitude.

If I disable reviews, will existing reviews disappear?

Yes, until you turn the Facebook review back on. If someone is really out to destroy your company, it might be a smart idea to disable feedback and encourage customers to post their honest opinions about your company on your wall.


When you get a negative or negative Facebook review, your first thought should never be “How do I get rid of this?” Rather, the question is, “How can I prevent this from happening again?”

If you’ve amassed a large number of favorable reviews, having a fake one in the middle of them can be discouraging. However, depending on the situation, you should take the appropriate action from the alternatives discussed in this article on how to remove Facebook reviews and choose the one that best suits you.

In the long run, considering your choices and selecting the best plan will help you keep your reputation management practices sustainable and stable while increasing your income.

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