How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on Smart TV

If you want to watch thousands of shows or movies, that’s all you need to know, how to watch Amazon Prime video on smart TV or smartphone. Amazon Video Streaming platform Amazon Prime is Netflix’s leading global rival, offering TV series and movies that, like its counterparts, are instantly watchable over the Internet. Amazon has invested a lot of money in the original TV content and also covers exclusive sports on the platform, so you need a subscription to access it.

How to Watch Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has a wealth of content, from classics to the ever-growing number of great prime originals. We definitely don’t see too few. Not only is it easy to access all of your smartphones, tablets, and laptops, but there’s nothing better than watching your favorite movies and apps on the big screen.

How to Watch Amazon Prime Video

Here are all 5 ways if you want to stream Amazon Prime Video on your smart tv or smartphone.

Get Amazon Fire TV Edition Smart TV

The Amazon Prime Video app is primarily found on these smart TVs with the Fire TV operating system. There are also many other video streaming apps that you can access to get even more content, such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus, CBS All Access, and more.

Toshiba and Insignia are currently selling Amazon Fire TV Edition TVs. You won’t burn your bag as they are also fairly affordable. So it is easy to watch Amazon Prime video on smart tv with Amazon Fire TV Edition.

Get the Amazon Prime Video App for Smart TVs

Fortunately, watching Amazon Prime Video on your TV isn’t limited to Fire TV-based smart TVs. Most smart TVs released in the last year come with the Amazon Prime Video app pre-installed.

Simply sign in with your Amazon account and get ready to watch your favorite shows and movies. Compatible smart TVs are available from Samsung, Sony, LG, and more. In addition, the Amazon Prime Video app, a smart TV with the Roku operating system installed, including TCL smart TV.

If you buy a new smart TV, it’s unlikely that you’ll have trouble getting Amazon Prime Video. If the program is not already pre-installed, it will always appear in the list of presentation programs or in the app store your TV is using.

How to Watch amazon prime video on gaming console

The good news is that if you already have a game console, or plan to buy one, you don’t need anything else to enjoy Amazon Prime on your TV. Prime Video is available on all modern PlayStation and Xbox devices. Keep in mind that some older people only support HD streaming. However, PS4 Pro, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S consoles support 4K. Get a streaming media device

One of the easiest (and often cheapest) ways to get Amazon Prime on TV is to buy a media player. Not only does this make regular TVs smarter, but the interfaces on these devices are usually faster and easier to navigate.

Prime Video is available on Chromecast dongles, Roku devices, Apple TVs, and of course Amazon Fire TVs.

How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on your smartphone or tablet

Android and iOS devices, such as the iPhone and iPad, have their own Amazon Video apps available in their respective app stores.

Of course, Amazon is also fully compatible with all of its own Fire tablets. They all have content that can be accessed from a dedicated section of Fire OS.

How to Watch the Amazon Prime Video on PC or Mac

Prime or other Amazon video content can be viewed on your PC or Mac via an internet browser. Simply go to the Amazon Video website and you’ll be able to choose from prime programs, movies, or retailers’ digital video stores.

Video played on your computer can be viewed in SD or HD, but it only has stereo sound. This is one of the simplest process on how to watch Amazon Prime video.

Where to Enter Prime Video My tv Code?

  • Open Prime Video on your streaming device.
  • Note down the activation code displayed on your TV screen.
  • Go to on your web browser.
  • Enter the code.
  • Click on continue.
  • Log into Amazon account with username & password have you created.
  • You can watch unlimited Video on Prime Video.


How to download Amazon Prime Video?

Simply go to the content you want to download to your mobile device and click the download button.

What broadband speed does Amazon Prime Video need?

Amazon streams videos using adaptive bit technology, which adjusts the picture quality depending on the device and internet connection The subscription includes 4K Ultra HD streaming. You should also be able to achieve decent broadband speeds.

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