11 Things You Should Learn to Master Your iPhone

iPhone devices have become more popular than ever; the credit goes to the interactive design and intuitive interface with powerful functional features. Whether you are a long-term iPhone user or new to sophisticated iOS, there are a few tips that you haven’t heard about earlier to learn to master your iPhone.

Learn to Master Your iPhone

In this article, we will discuss some of the most useful iPhone hacks that will help you to use your device more efficiently than ever.

11 things to Learn to Master Your iPhone

1. Set Shortcuts

Your iPhone integrates a Shortcut app that allows users to set up automation. Using this, you can instruct your iPhone to take a predefined action if something specific happens. Open Shortcut and click on Gallery to see the already existing shortcuts that you may use. If you wish, you can also add custom shortcuts as per your preferences. 

2. Make a GIF

GIFs are animations that allow you to respond to any post or comment. It can be funny, entertaining, or based on popular dialogues. You can turn your videos into GIFs using any built-in app or can install a third-party app to make GIFs quickly without coding. Some of the GIFs apps also include search engines to help you find the right GIF based on requirements. 

3. Capture Picture With Earpods

Taking an image with the EarPods doesn’t mean that your EarPods have an in-built camera inside them. You can use the volume keys to capture the image. Launch the Camera app, focus on the object, and click the image. This is quite helpful if you want to capture the image from a short distance. 

4. Turn on Find My iPhone

You can protect your data from unauthenticated access if your iPhone is lost or stolen. The iphone security feature called Find My iPhone allows you to erase your iPhone’s data remotely. To enable the option on your iOS phone is certainly the first step to protect your data. Navigate to iPhone settings, tap Apple ID, click Find My, and turn on the Find My iPhone feature. 

5. Group Tabs in Safari

Learn to Master Your iPhone

If you are opening a lot of tabs on your iPhone and finding it difficult to manage the tabs in Safari, try to group them together. This feature helps when you have just viewed some important information, but forgot the tab where you have seen it. Grouping tabs together will allow you to get back to the tab and take note of the relevant details. 

6. Protect Yourself Online

iCloud Private Relay feature safeguards the internet traffic from unauthorized access. The security feature adds encryption to Safari and is available with an iCloud+ subscription. If you get a paid iCloud plan and use Safari to browse the web on your iPhone, you will get a secure and protected browsing experience. 

7. Enable Focus Mode

Use Focus mode in iOS 15 to keep focused on what you are doing. It allows you to set up different focuses based on the tasks that you want to do. You can mute email messages, disable social media notifications, or hide messages to stop anything from distracting you. More to it, you can customize the focus modes as per your requirement and preferences. 

8. Custom Font Size

Learn to Master Your iPhone

Add Control Centre to the screen and it will allow you to modify the font size on the screen on each app. In the earlier versions of the iOS, the changes you made reflected screen-wide, but iOS 15 allows you to make changes that restrict to a particular app. So, you should try this feature to customize your apps like never before. 

9. Save Web Images to Photo Album

iOS 15 gives users the flexibility to save images, files, text, and other elements using a drag-and-drop interface. You can select an item with one finger and drag it while selecting another item with another finger. The selected items move together and are stacked beneath the finger for easy management. 

10. Give Memoji an Outfit

With an all-new customization Emoji feature, Apple has added over 40 trendy outfits and three new outfit colors to choose from. You can select different colors for both eyes and select a pair of glasses from three different options. The multicolored headwear option allows you to pick one when you need to represent your college or a local sports team. 

11. Save Battery Drainage

A little consideration can prevent you from draining your iPhone battery faster. Take note of the running apps and close ones you are not using. Spend some time tweaking your system settings so that they won’t consume much battery. Also, keep the visuals to a minimum to prevent as much battery as possible.

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