7 Simple Mac Hacks for Graphic Designers

The world of graphic designers is far more creative than we think. Professionals are turning every single stone to keep up the pace and stay competitive in the industry. The fact is that graphic designers excerpt more from their computers to be able to unleash their creativity in every manner.

Mac Hacks for Graphic Designers

In this article, we cover several tips that can help graphic designers to make the most out of their MacBooks. After all, Apple computers are quite popular among graphic designers.

7 Mac Hacks for Graphic Designers

Here are the best 7 Mac hacks for graphic designers.

Fix Scratch Disk Error

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, you would never want to see a Photoshop error that says “could not complete your request because the scratch disk is full”. This is a common error message that graphic designers encounter while working in Photoshop.

When there is not enough RAM available, Photoshop uses other drives for storing temporary project files. This drive is referred to as the scratch drive and used as virtual memory by the graphic designing app. When this message appears, the chances are that the application may crash or shut down improperly.

You need to delete Photoshop-associated project files to resolve the error. This will help you to free up space on the scratch drive.

Optimize Mac Storage

Regular optimization of the Mac hard drive is the best way to keep the storage minimal. Delete unnecessary files that you do not require anymore or in the near future, as you can reinstall them later when required. Next, move files, folders, images, videos, email attachments to the external storage drive.

Mac Hacks for Graphic Designer

You can add more RAM or SSD to your computer to make it run faster as well as increase the storage. Delete all redundant and junk data either manually or using third-party free cleaners for Mac computers. To free up storage, click on the Apple logo, tap on About This Mac, click on the Storage tab, and click on Manage under Storage to view all the options that enable you to optimize Mac. 

Either select to move to Cloud, Empty Trash Automatically, Reduce clutter or Optimize Storage as per your requirements.

Disable Startup Programs

Several programs and applications start automatically each time your system boots. These programs are referred to as login items or startup items and consume considerable space on your Mac’s hard drive. Being a graphic designer means you might already be using storage-intensive apps, and then the startup apps are adding unnecessary pressure on the CPU.

Each startup item consumes its share of resources which is again impacting the performance of your computer. So, disabling these apps is an optimal solution. Go to System Preferences, click Users & Groups, select Username, and then tap the Login Items tab. You will see a list of apps and programs that auto activates when you start your computer.

Identify the apps that make no sense or you are not using them anymore and disable them right away by clicking the – (Remove) button.

Upgrade macOS and Update Apps

Updating and upgrading your computer, operating system, applications, and hardware at a regular interval is essential to keep up the pace. Apple offers regular macOS updates that are free to install. Most of these updates often include security patches vital for protecting your system against viruses and malware attacks.

Hacks for Graphic Designers

Graphic designers must keep their computers up-to-date by installing updates available from the manufacturer. This is important for all users, whether you are using macOS, Windows, or any other operating system. It enhances the lifespan of your computer, improves its performance, and increases your productivity.

To check if a new update is available, click on the Apple logo, navigate to About This Mac, tap on Software Update and check for the new update. If there’s anything relevant, install it.

Delete Extensions and Add-ons

If you experience a slow down in your web browser’s speed, it’s not always the WiFi or the router that is at fault. Check if you are installing a lot of browser extensions and add-ons that might be interrupting the smooth functionality of your browser.

Though browsers add-ons and extensions are essential tools, too many of them degrade the web browsing experience. They overload the browser and hence need to be deleted. Also, you should get rid of bookmarks which you don’t need anymore. Deleting or uninstalling them right away can help, but it might leave a residue behind, so you can also try removing them using automatic and add-on cleaners.

Now restart your Mac and check if it’s working at optimal speed, and launch the browser to test its performance.

Check Available Design Applications

Working as a graphic designer without the right software would be more or less impossible. As such, you want to explore the available options and decide which applications make the most sense for you.

MacBooks are popular among graphic designers, so it is expected to find both free and paid software that offers various features.

Adobe Photoshop is the one standout example, and it is not exclusive to macOS. Other popular choices include CorelDRAW, Sumo Paint, and ImageMagick.

Once again, before you commit to a design app, explore its features and confirm that you are comfortable with using it. If an application is free, then you should not worry too much, but paying for a tool that fails to meet your expectations would feel like a waste of money, right?

Utilize the Sidecar Feature

It is common to work on a tablet next to a computer, and MacBook users are no exception. macOS recently introduced the sidecar feature that allows designers to use an iPad as a second display. You can link your Mac and iPad and use the tablet with a wireless connection to draw on it. Your work will reflect on the MacBook’s screen.


In this article, 7 simple Mac hacks for graphic designers have been shared. All in all, it should not come as a surprise that Macs are so popular among creative people, which includes graphic designers. If you are thinking about picking a new computer for yourself, then going with a MacBook is a solid option.

Take advantage of the information in this article if you end up getting a MacBook or have one already, and the work as a graphic designer should become even better.

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