Ollocard.Com Activate Your Ollo Credit Card Online Easily is a well-known credit card provider that offers a variety of credit cards with unique features. The Ollo credit card is suitable for individuals who want to improve their credit scores. Ollo offers a variety of cards, including Ollo Rewards, Ollo Platinum, and others.

activate ollo card online

Once you get the Ollo credit card, you need to activate it online through their official website, This article will help you by providing a step-by-step guide to activate your Ollo card. You will also learn about all the benefits and features of keeping this card and essential information you should know for safely using the new credit card.

Easily Activate Ollo Card Online Via

If your new Ollo rewards card or Ollo Platinum MasterCard is in your hand, you must activate it online before using it. Here are the step-by-step guidelines for activating the Ollo card online:
  • Insert your information correctly on this website. You will need to insert the following information:
    • Your Last Name
    • Your Date of Birth
    • Last 4 Digit of Your SSN
    • 16 Digit Ollo Card Number
    • Card Expiration Date
  • When you are done filling in the information accurately, click the Next button.
  • You will receive a confirmation on the next page if everything is accurate. Now follow the on-screen command to finish the Ollo card activation process.

You can now use the card for making purchases, paying bills, and enjoying other benefits of the Ollo card.

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Are you done with the card activation process? Still stick to the article cause we will now discuss the benefits of using an Ollo credit card.

Benefits of Ollo Credit Card

Ollo Credit Card offers a wide range of credit scores, including those having a low or poor credit history. This makes it a suitable choice for people who are new to credit or have previously struggled to get approved for other credit cards.

Another advantage of the Ollo Credit Card is that it provides cashback on purchases. Cardholders can receive 2% cash back on eligible supermarket and petrol station purchases and 1% cash back on all other eligible transactions. The cashback benefits are credited to the cardholder’s account automatically, making it simple to earn and redeem rewards.

The Ollo Credit Card also provides various useful features that might assist cardholders in better managing their finances. Online and mobile account management features, text and email alerts for payment due dates and transaction alerts, and the opportunity to set up automatic payments to prevent late fees are all available. Login and Registration Process

If you want to manage your Ollo credit card, you need to log in to their website and log in using the username and password. Here are the details on how to do that:

  • Visit, and on the corner, you can see the sign-in option.
  • Click Sign-in, enter your username and password and click SIGN IN button.
ollo card login
  • If you don’t have an account, click Enroll here and fill in all 5 steps with the required information.
  • Once you are done with providing your information accurately, your account will be ready to use.
  • You can also use the “Forgot your username and password” option from the same website to recover your lost account.

Ollo Card Customer Service

You can contact Ollo card customer service over the phone and by mail. You can also contact them by using the app.

Call the award-winning Ollo Mastercard customer care team at 1-877-494-0020 or the number on the back of the card. If you are staying outside of the US, dial 1-516-224-5600.

If you want to make payment by mail, use this address: P.O. Box 660371, Dallas, TX 75266-0371. Make sure that you write your full account number on the check.

If you need to contact them by mail, please send a letter to Ollo Card Services, PO Box 9222, Old Bethpage, NY 11804.

Ollo Card Mobile App for Android and iPhone

Ollo credit card has its own application to manage the account, card, statement and other important features. If you are an android user, download the app from Playstore. If you are an iPhone user, go to the Apple store and search for Ollo Card App.

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Frequently Asked Question

How do I activate my Ollo credit card?

Activating Ollo card is very easy. You have to visit the official activation page form here: Then insert the information asked on this page and click next.

What credit score do I need to apply for an Ollo Credit Card?

A minimum credit score of 640 is required for the Ollo Platinum Mastercard. The candidate will be rejected if their score is less than 630. To increase your chances of getting approved while applying for the Ollo Card, it would be ideal if your credit score were 650 or better.

How do I get an Ollo card invitation?

Ollo card applications aren’t open to everyone. The card company must first send you an invitation, and then you must reply to their offer. Access the website after obtaining an invitation to provide the necessary information to apply for a card.

How do I pay my Ollo credit card?

Just sign into your online OlloCard account and select the payment tab. Payments can be made with a credit or debit card. Moreover, clients can mail checks.

How do I apply for an Ollo Credit Card?

On the Ollo Card Services website,, you can submit an application for an Ollo credit card online. You can often receive a verdict within minutes after submitting your application, which is quick and simple.

Are there any fees associated with Ollo Credit Card?

Some fees are connected with the Ollo MasterCard, such as an annual fee, late payment fees, and foreign transaction fees.

How can I contact Ollo card customer service?

You can reach the Ollo Mastercard customer care team at 1-877-494-0020 or the number on the back of the card. If you are staying outside of the US, dial 1-516-224-5600.

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