Poco X3 Official confirmed 64-Megapixel Camera & UltraFast Charging Battery

Poco X3 Official confirmed 64-Megapixel Camera & UltraFast Charging Battery

Poco X3 64-megapixel camera sensor has been confirmed by a corporation executive on Twitter. The new confirmation about the successor to the Poco X2 comes days after the rumour mill tipped equivalent primary camera detail of the Poco X3. The new Poco phone will debut because the successor to the Poco X2 that the Xiaomi spun-off company launched in India in February. There are not any details about the precise launch date of the Poco X3. However, considering the series of teasers released officially, it’s likely to debut sometime within the near future.

Angus Kai Ho Ng, Product Marketing Manager and Global Spokesperson at Poco, has posted a tweet that confirms the 64-megapixel primary camera sensor on the Poco X3. The camera sensor is probably going to use a pixel binning technique on images of 16-megapixel resolution to supply 64-megapixel results.

The executive posted a few of images alongside the text confirming the 64-megapixel camera. one among the pictures provides a fast check out the camera interface of the Poco X3 that has features including a professional mode with options to regulate aperture, exposure value, ISO sensitivity, and white balance.

Earlier in the week, Kai Ho Ng suggested four distinct designs of the Poco X3 camera setup. He asked his Twitter fans to choose which of the given designs would be original. The pictures showing different camera setup designs highlighted four sensors at the rear of the phone.

The Poco X3 lately surfaced on the US FCC website that recommended a 64-megapixel primary camera sensor. The FCC listing also suggested AI (AI) features on the phone to reinforce its camera experience.

Besides giving features about the Poco X3 camera, Kai Ho Ng tweeted that matches the fast charging experience on the new smartphone with the Samsung Galaxy A71. That tweet also points that the new Poco phone takes 65 minutes to 100% charge the built-in battery pack.

The FCC listing of the Poco X3 recommended 33W fast charging aid. However, the tweet posted by Poco’s official doesn’t give any specifications about the wattage.

That being said, the Poco X3 is rumoured to lance on September 8. The phone is tipped to possess a Qualcomm Snapdragon 732 SoC and are available with a 120Hz display.

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