Best 7 Ways to Fix Samsung TV Plus Not Working Issue

Samsung TV Plus offers to access a wide variety of channels without any subscription fee. However, several users have reported to us to fix their Samsung TV plus not working issue.

samsung tv plus not working fixed

We have found a number of reasons for which Samsung TV plus not working properly. Network interruption, wrong settings, corrupted cache data, backdated software, Smart Hub issues, and more are among them. Any one of these problems, or a combination of them, can keep you from watching your favorite TV shows on Samsung TV plus.

If you are facing the Samsung TV Plus not working problems on your Samsung TV, here you will get the possible reason and 7 best troubleshooting to fix the issue.

Reasons Behind Samsung TV Plus Not Working

Here are 5 major reasons for which your Samsung TV plus is not working properly or has stopped working on your TV:

  • Too slow internet connection
  • Trouble in network settings
  • Backdated software package
  • Corrupted cache data
  • Issue with the smart hub settings

If these are the reasons for your interruption in watching Samsung TV plus, don’t worry at all because you can fix Samsung TV Plus Not Working issue easily by yourself by following the next paragraph.

Fixes for Samsung TV Plus Not Working Problem

The problem with the Samsung TV plus can be solved by following some troubleshooting methods. At first, you have to find out the reason and take action accordingly. Here are the best solutions that may give you relief by solving your Samsung TV plus not working problem.

1. Check the Internet Connection

To perform properly, Samsung TV Plus requires a fast and dependable network like any other app or service on your Smart TV. As a result, you may encounter problems or discover that Samsung TV Plus is unavailable due to a network issue. To fix the issue:

fixes for samsung tv plus not working
Check your internet speed
  • The first step in determining the issue is to examine your network connection. To verify that the speed and bandwidth are robust, fast, and dependable, test them. You can use or to test your internet speed.
  • If it is the issue, bring the TV and Wi-Fi router closer together or use an Ethernet connection to connect your device. The network settings can also be reset.
  • If you face poor internet and still can’t get access to Samsung TV Plus, contact your internet service provider for help or try a different network.

2. Power Cycle Your Samsung Smart TV

Samsung TV Plus can be affected by a variety of issues, including app bugs, software glitches, menu issues, image and audio abnormalities, and so on. However, the majority of these issues are trivial and may be resolved by simply rebooting your television.

Power cycling of your Samsung smart tv can help to solve Samsung Smart TV not working issue. Here is the process:

  • Unplug and turn off your Samsung Smart TV.
  • Unplug your router or modem as well.
  • Allow at least one minute to elapse before proceeding.
  • Now is the time to connect your Smart TV.
  • The identical method should be followed for your router and modem.
  • Turn on your television to see if the problem still exists.

3. Resetting the DNS

Is your network up and running, but your Samsung TV plus won’t connect to the internet? It’s possible that you’re dealing with a problem with your internet settings. DNS settings are the most prevalent, and if they are corrupted, they can prevent access to the internet.

Automatic IP address and DNS settings are available on every Samsung Smart TV, and in most cases, they will work flawlessly.

However, the automatic settings may occasionally fail to resolve the TV plus addresses, resulting in internet connectivity issues. In this scenario, entering manual settings can assist in resolving the problem and restoring connectivity.

The majority of people who were having difficulty with connectivity were able to resolve the issue by manually updating their DNS settings to Google’s DNS (

A restart is recommended after entering the new settings, which involves disconnecting the TV plug from the wall and then insert it again.

change dns to fix Samsung tv plus
Change DNS to

To modify the DNS settings on a Samsung TV, follow these steps:

  • On your remote control, press the Menu button.
  • Select Network and then Network Status.
  • Go to IP Settings.
  • Select the DNS Settings option.
  • Change it from Automatically to Enter manually.
  • Fill up your new DNS information in the DNS box (which is in this case)
  • Select OK and then restart your Samsung TV.

4. Reinstalling the Samsung TV Plus App

If you want to watch a number of channels on your Samsung Smart TV for free, you have to install the app from the official website. You may face Samsung TV plus not working issue if you install the app from a third-party website.

samsung tv plus not working

If you have installed the app from a third-party location or the app is not working properly, uninstall the app and download as well as install it from the verified website of Samsung. Then try to open the app like before and hope your problem with the app will be solved.

5. Update Samsung TV to Latest Software

Samsung Smart TV relies on software to function properly that must be maintained up to date. Apps, settings, and other device functionality can all be affected by outdated software.

As a result, if you face Samsung TV Plus not working or you have other service problems, the possible reason may be the outdated operating system of your TV.

Here’s how to update the software on your Samsung Smart TV which will help you to stream the Samsung TV plus properly:

samsung smart tv software update
Select Software Update from Support
  • Select Support in the Settings menu.
  • Click the Software Update option.
  • Choose Update Now. Allow a few minutes for the software to download and install on your television (if an update is available for you)
  • Make sure you are connected to the internet during the software update.
  • When the update is finished, your TV will restart automatically. You can now try your luck with Samsung TV Plus.

6. Resetting Samsung Smart Hub

The Smart Hub is where you can manage all of your Samsung TV’s smart capabilities. A problem with Smart Hub could affect apps on your Samsung TV.

For example, if the Samsung TV Plus isn’t showing up, it could be because the Hub has flaws or incorrect settings. In this scenario, resetting the Smart Hub may be helpful in resolving Samsung TV plus problem.

fix for samsung tv plus not working
Go to Support and select Self Diagnosis

To reset the Samsung TV Smart Hub, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings using the remote and choose Support.
  • Choose Self-diagnosis.
  • Select Reset Samsung Smart Hub
  • Enter your PIN when asked. Your default PIN is 0000 if you haven’t changed it.
  • Wait for the Hub to reset and then restart your Samsung TV.


Resetting the Hub will sign you out of your Samsung TV account, as well as any apps or channels you have installed on the platform.

As a result, you’ll have to perform certain customizations, which will most likely entail downloading and installing some apps from scratch. Be aware that some of your data or settings may be lost in the process.

7. Reset Samsung TV to Factory Default

If you’ve done everything else and still can’t fix Samsung TV plus not working issue, a factory reset is your next best option. The reset clears everything from the TV, including saved memory and settings, and returns it to factory defaults.

This will repair nearly every problem with your Samsung TV, but it will come at a cost: you will lose all of your saved settings and data.

To do a factory reset on your Samsung Smart TV, follow these steps:

reset to fix samsung tv plus not working
Go to Self Diagnosis and click Reset
  • Open the Settings option using remote.
  • Go to Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset to obtain the reset option.
  • Please enter your PIN. 0000 is the default one. If you’ve updated your PIN, make sure you input it correctly.
  • Choose OK.
  • When a pop-up window displays alerting you of a factory reset, select Yes.
  • Wait for your television to reset properly. Don’t plug it out.
  • Your TV will display the Setup screen once the reset is complete. After you’ve completed the setup and configuring, you can try to access Samsung TV Plus.


Samsung TV Plus gives you access to additional channels and programs without having to pay extra. However, due to the fact that the service is new, it is prone to a few bugs that may interfere with your viewing experience.

Fortunately, using our guidelines, you can easily fix Samsung TV plus not working issue. If the problem persists, you can seek extra assistance from the Samsung Customer Support Centre.

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