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You need to be familiar with all the benefits you will receive from the new Skylight Paycard or Skylight ONE Card, as well as how to use activate, and other pertinent information if your employer has chosen to use it for the next salary. activation

As a result, we’ve put together this article with instructions on logging in for activation, how to activate a Skylight Pay card, and other essential information. To learn more, keep reading.

Advantages of having Skylight Pay Card / Skylight ONE Card

Here are some advantages that workers can take advantage of using a Skylight PayCard:

  • Direct Deposit: Employees who have this card will have their money deposited directly into their Paycard accounts. There is no need to delay cashing the check and paying the associated charge. All of an employee’s pay is available to them.
  • Use Everywhere: The Pay Card is used anywhere that accepts Visa Debit or Debit Mastercard.
  • Fastest Deposit: Get paid up to two days more quickly with direct deposit.
  • Get an Online Account: Employees can monitor their finances and transactions with an online account.
  • Track using Mobile App: Cardholders can manage their money while on the go with the Netspend Skylight ONE app. Devices running iOS and Android can both use the app.
  • Savings Account: The Skylight Pay Card offers an optional savings account that allows for simple savings and offers a potential annual percentage yield of up to 5%. A minimum balance is not necessary to create a savings account.
Benefits of Skylight ONE Card
Benefits of using Skylight ONE Card

You can also take advantage of features like Anytime Alerts, Payback Rewards, Digital Wallet, Mobile Check Load, etc. in addition to these advantages. Therefore, there is no question that the Skylight Pay Card is a good option for managing your financial situation.

Let’s now discuss how to activate your Skylight ONE card and sign up for an online account.

How to Sign Up for a SkylightPayCard Login Account?

Individuals must sign up for an online Skylight account in order to access the online services. The procedures are as follows:

  • Go to to access the official website.
  • Under the Skylight ONE Card banner, select the ‘Activate/Register’ button. Activate
Click on Activate/Register button
  • A link will take you to the activation page.
  • Enter your Card Number and Security Code here. You will get the information on the back of your SkylightPay card. activation
Insert the Card number and Security code
  • Select “Continue” after filling in the right information.
  • Click on the Register button.
  • Your SSN, birthdate, and other crucial information must be entered. Continue to the following step to finish the registration procedure.
  • You can use your login information at any time to access the online services after a successful registration.

How to Activate Skylight PayCard at

You can activate your Skylight PayCard using the steps below after successfully registering through

  • Go to to access the official website.
  • Select “Activate/ Register” like you did before during registration.
  • In the space provided, type your SkylightPay card number and security code. Then choose “Continue”.
  • To finish the activation process, pick the “Activate Card” option and follow the on-screen commands.
  • Your card is now active, and you can use it anywhere to reap the rewards.

How to Log in to Skylight PayCard Account?

You may monitor transactions, check balances, pay bills, and other things with your online Skylight PayCard account. The steps to access your account and carry out these actions are as follows:

Log in to Skylight PayCard Account
  • Go to to access the official website.
  • Under the Skylight ONE Card banner, click the “Log in” option.
  • Insert your login information. Then select “Log in”.
  • The screen will start to show your profile. You have access to the data you need.

Have you Forgot Username or Password? How to Get back your Skylight PayCard Account?

You can quickly get your username or password back if you forget them. Follow these instructions:

  • Go to and select log in.
  • Under the “Log in” button, a link that holds “Forgot your login or password?” will appear. Click on it.
  • If you can’t remember your username, enter your email address, card number, and CVV instead. The username can be retrieved by clicking the ‘Next’ button. Otherwise, click the link that says “Forgot your password?” underneath the form.
  • To get your password back, enter your username and email address.

Your login and password can be retrieved easily. For future use, it is advised that you write down or safely store the login and password of the SkylightPay Card account.

Final Words – activation

A smart paperless payment option that saves time and money is the Skylight ONE card. Both the employer and the employee win from it. While the employer enjoys the ease and little administrative labor, the employee benefits include direct deposits, simple access, the ability to open multiple accounts, internet banking, payback rewards, and more.

All full-time, part-time, and contract-based employees are covered by the Skylight PayCard program, which is appropriate for organizations of all sizes. The employer will also have access to a corporate web portal where he may control, among other things, how his employees’ salary is deposited.

If you face any problem regarding activate procedure, feel free to contact through the comment section of this post.

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FAQs on activate

Is there any cost to order the Skylight ONE Card?

You can order and activate your Skylight ONE card free of cost.

How to get Skylight PayCard?

Netspend’s Skylight Pay Options program includes the Skylight Pay Card or Skylight ONE Card. The goal of this initiative is to help businesses transition to paperless payroll while giving employees a quicker and more convenient option to get their paychecks. The BofI Federal Bank is the issuer of the card.

How can I enroll for the Anytime Alerts service of Skylight PayCard?

The Anytime Alerts service can be activated in the following ways: Open your online account and log in. Launch the “Features” menu. Select “Anytime notifications” Add a mobile number or email address (or both, depending on where you want the notifications received)> Choose a type of alert from the list. Select “Save.”

What to do if my Skylight PayCard is lost or stolen?

Contact customer service as soon as possible at 1-866-387-7363 (toll-free). Additionally, you can use your account to report the card as lost or stolen online. To report a lost or stolen card, go to Log In > My Account > My Prepaid Cards. You can also order a new card online.

Do I need to register before Skylight PayCard activation?

Yes, you need to register through the official website. If you don’t know how to do that, follow the guidelines provided in this article.

Which application can I use to manage my Skylight PayCard account?

Go to the app store and search for “Netspend: Manage Money Online”. Log in to this app with your account details to manage your Skylight PayCard services.

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