TheWiSpy – Most Affordable Kid Monitoring Solution

The online space offers so much. Modern life has improved day by day. So does the Internet. We must thank technological advancements for making our lives more comfortable & easier. However, there is nothing in the world that you cannot discover on the Internet. From general information to particular learnings, you can find them all on one platform.

TheWiSpy kid monitoring solution

But as it is stated, “Everything has benefits and adverse outcomes.” The same situation is for technology and the online world. Kids are becoming mobile addicts, unaware that countless cyber dangers can attack them.

A recent survey indicates that around 84% of adults and teens have their smartphones & around 90% of kids and teens use social media monthly.

Parental control software is most demanding nowadays. So, TheWiSpy offers the most suitable & affordable kids monitoring solution to observe your kid’s digital actions on their phones & tablets. Parents can monitor call history, screen activities, calls, track GPS location, spy text messages, spy WhatsApp, Monitor Snapchat conversations and listen to the enclosed recordings with TheWiSpy parental control software.

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Reasons Why Should You Monitor Kids?

Crimes are overgrowing in every country. Violations such as kid Amusement, Maltreatment, Killings, Illicit relations must be avoided. Parents must watch their kids’ every step. Eventually, mobile phones are causing major accusations in our society. Parents must notice their children, especially teens. To overcome these issues, we need to spy on them. TheWiSpy has a solution for observing the kid’s movements through portable devices without their concerns.

Parental monitoring isn’t only about privacy but for security. Have you heard that ‘The internet is a world that has no police’? So, we can’t let our kids be unsupervised.

Here are some reasons why should parents monitor their kids:

  • Cyberbullying:

Kids harassed by cyberbullies suffer distress but never inform their parents; monitoring children would protect them from cyber dangers.

  • Avoid Sexting:

Sending the nudes may look funny to teens, parental monitoring would help them stop this strange behavior.

  • Online Predators:

Digital predators use the Internet, which is the easiest way to cope with kids by making them their prey. So parents must watch their activities completely.

  • Recognize Faulty Companions:

Parents must know whom their child meets and with whom they chat. For example, if their friends are sensible or make them addicted to bad habits, such as drugs, etc.

  • Preserve Private Information:

Children can unintentionally reveal their private information, e.g. their address and living standards, making it easy for child predators to prey on them.

  • Protect Their Reputation:

Excessive digital crimes make children vulnerable; predators may blackmail them into spoiling their reputation; when parents would have a keen eye on their kids, they would not become a part of these illegal activities.

  • Restrict Screen Time:

By restricting their screen time, parents can observe many good changes in their behavior and mental health. So, parents should limit their screen timings.

  • Track Online Activities:

The kids’ online activities should be adequately monitored to save them from digital predators or protect them from illegal activities.

TheWiSpy – An Affordable Parental Monitoring App

Being a parent, you must be concerned about the digital and physical welfare of your kids. Children are becoming prisoners of cell phones, and that is the thing that frightens parents. TheWiSpy is an affordable, cheap, and best app to monitor kids’ phones that allows parents to observe their kids’ mobile phone usage. TheWiSpy, the primary kids monitoring app, permits parents to control their children’s digital activities remotely.

Furthermore, using the TheWiSpy kid monitoring solution, you can follow every mobile phone activity and track GPS location. Parents can set restraints if they notice any improper app or content in the phones of their kids. All you need is software to monitor kids’ internet usage. TheWiSpy is feature-rich parental monitoring software that helps you control and monitor the offline and digital activities of the kids.

Main Features:

1. Video Recordings:

You can tape videos of the surroundings and use front and back cameras. This feature helps you find all the images and videos captured by the end device.

2. Surround Recordings:

Secretly listen to the encompassing voice recordings and embed sounds and gossips.

3. Monitor Browser History:

Check the entire browsing history and the time of visited websites.

4. Tracking Locations

It doesn’t mean which edge of the planet your child is on. TheWiSpy is the best app to monitor kids’ phones. It has automated functionality that you can use to determine the real-time position in moments.

5. App Monitoring:

Maintain a record of all the fixed applications of the targeted device. You can find ordinarily used apps and check the app reports.

6. Monitor Social Media:

It includes Whatsapp Spy, Snapchat Spy, Instagram Spy, and more, it would access you to all the activities of these apps. In addition, it tracks the account and activity summaries of all social platforms.

7. Spy text Messages & calls:

It confers your way to all the SMS & calls obtained and transmitted by the end device. It is the best app to record phone calls. Further, it enables you to read messages, track multimedia and activity reports.

8. 24/7 Instant Alerts:

It notifies you about every particular update of the end device. As a result, cybersecurity can be saved through it.


  • Monitor call logs history
  • Track contacts of Phone
  • Monitor Multimedia and Text Messages
  • Wifi Networks
  • Photo Capturing Tracker
  • Memos Spy

Price Plans:

The application is based on a spontaneous structure that lets each user make the most out of it. It saves every bit of data from the end device to the online portal.

TheWiSpy has made our lives more comfortable by sharing various price plans for kids monitoring software. TheWiSpy is the number one priority of parents among all hidden monitoring apps for android because everyone can find their fitting subscription plan. Here are the three great plans you can avail:

  • Basic Price Plan
  • Premium Price Plan
  • Platinum Price Plan

Basic Price Plan:

If parents search for daily tracking of their kids’ mobile phone activity, a standard plan is the best option as it has all the advanced features, including social media updates, live locations, etc.

1-Month subscription:

TheWiSpy proposes a one-month subscription plan for its basic package for $19.99 only. So ignore all problems and begin pursuing your child remotely.

3-Months subscription:

It has an easy 3-month agreement offer, so you don’t have to update your plan every month. So think out your requirements and enjoy extensive services for $49.99 only.

Six-Months subscription:

It’s a more reasonable option if you want to monitor your children for a long time. By avoiding re-subscription, you can save a lot of money. It is only $79.99.

Premium Price Plan:

Every parent wants to control what their kids are addressing through smartphones. The premium plan offers great functions. For instance, you can obstruct apps, websites, and accounts with these restrictions. You can obtain premium plans at different prices.

  • 1-Month License $29.99
  •  3-Month License $49.99
  •  6-Month License $79.99

Platinum Price Plan:

The platinum plan is more powerful than all. Furthermore, it has exclusive and updated peculiarities proposed by TheWiSpy, such as monitoring  GPS locations, social media, spy cameras, web browsing etc.

  • 1-Month License $49.99
  • 3-Month License $79.99
  • 6-Month License $119.99

Wrap Up

TheWiSpy app monitor kids’ phones, tracks call logs, SMS, emails, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, & many other social media apps. TWS identifies cyberbullying, sexting, depression, self-destructive ideas, and more. In addition, it has amazing and reliable price plans. So, here we are concluding this article by saying TheWiSpy is an ideal medium for parenting in this digital age.

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