Top 5 Microsoft Windows 10 Games Free Download

Want Microsoft Windows 10 Games Free Download process? In this article, we wanted to seek out the top 5 Windows 10 PC games from the Microsoft Store that are free to download and play. We did much research and rounded up an inventory of free games that you simply can get in their full versions for Windows 10. Our list covers a good range of genres, suited to differing types of players and preferences, from racing games to puzzles, games for youngsters, and simulators. If you would like to understand which are a number of the simplest PC games that you simply can download for free of charge (full versions) on your Windows 10 PC, tablet, or laptop, read on this text.
All the PC games that are on our list are free, and you’ll download their full versions. They’re the simplest games for Windows 10 that we’ve found, tried, and played. However, do confine mind that a number of these games, including Microsoft’s free games, also accompany ads or paid features that will enhance your gaming experience through in-app purchases.
Also, note that our list isn’t ordered by any criteria. counting on your taste in games, you would possibly find your next favorite within the beginning, at the top of the list, or anywhere within the middle.

Microsoft Windows 10 Games Free Download List

1. Minecraft: Story Mode- A Telltale Games Series

It is almost impossible to not have heard about Minecraft. Minecraft: Story Mode builds upon the first Minecraft game and adds a story thereto. There are eight episodes in total, but only a couple of are free. It starts with introducing the characters then jumps right into the story. We aren’t getting to spoil it for you, but we might wish to tell you that it’s excellent. Although it’s love it is made just for children, there’s also tons of humour within the game, which may satisfy anyone, no matter age.
Microsoft Windows 10 Games Free Download: Minecraft Story Mode

Free Download: Minecraft: Story Mode


2. Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends is one among the foremost popular racing games within the Microsoft Store. the sport greets you with an extended list of real cars made by manufacturers like Ferrari, Porsche, or Lamborghini. Asphalt 9: Legends features over 70 different racing tracks in various real-world locations from America to the Himalayas, so it’s hard to urge bored. you’ll play in Career mode and complete over 60 seasons and 800 races, otherwise you can compete against up to 7 players in real-time within the World Series Multiplayer mode.
Microsoft Windows 10 Games Free Download: Asphalt 9 Legends
The game offers a smooth arcade racing experience with accurate controls and manages to stay you glued to the screen for quite a while. In-app purchases are, of course, available, which is OK. However, the ads can become a touch bit annoying after a short time.

Free Download: Asphalt 9: Legends


3. World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks Blitz may be a free MMO game from Wargaming, an equivalent company that created World of Tanks, World of Warships, and Worlds of Warplanes. This game is analogous to World of Tanks and works on Windows 10 devices, also as on mobile phones. It comes with over 300 tanks from Germany, Great Britain, USA, USSR, and Japan, which you’ll maneuver to win fights in 7 versus 7, online.
You can fight in 26 different battle arenas, ask other players via the in-game chat, and obtain achievements for your play. the sport is free, but you’ll also pay real money for things like upgrades or vehicles.
Microsoft Windows 10 Games Free Download: World of Tanks Blitz

Free Download: World of Tanks Blitz


4. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter may be a free game that creates you the top strategist of an underground Vault. you want to build the simplest Vault there’s, make your people happy by giving them the proper jobs, the proper clothes, weapons, and training, all to guard them against the Wasteland. There are tons of selections to form, which makes this game fun and interesting. what is going to you select to do: provide clean water, enough food, or save credits for building more living space?
Microsoft Windows 10 Games Free Download: Fallout Shelter
You can also make some in-game purchases with real money, but Bethesda (the developer) is extremely discreet about it, without bothering you or slowing your progress through the sport if you are doing not pay. that’s great!

Free Download: Fallout Shelter 


5. World of Warships

World of Warships comes from an equivalent Wargaming company. While almost like World of Tanks, this game is concentrated on the naval military. You get to regulate various battleships, destroyers, cruisers, and even carrier squadrons. alongside your teammates, you’re entering naval combat to overcome the enemy. The graphics are excellent and customizable, so you’ll run it even on lower specced devices. However, ultra graphics settings can demand quite a lot of hardware power.
Microsoft Windows 10 Games Free Download: World of Warships
Although initially, you begin on a coffee level, the sport allows you to expand your skills tree and improve your ships and guns without ever wanting to pay real money. However, the sport also offers in-game purchases that permit you to purchase new ships. But, you continue to got to actually play the sport to urge experience, as you can’t pip out. it is a great tactical game that we recommend to everyone.

Free Download: World of Warships

Those are the best 5 Microsoft windows 10 games for free download. Our next article will be on the best Microsoft card games for windows 10 free download. This is just our selection with a number of the simplest free games that we’ve found within the Microsoft Store. Besides them, you’ll find many other exciting titles. However, you ought to even be prepared for ads and in-app purchases. After all, nothing is basically free, is there? Does one know other free games from the Microsoft Store that need to get on this list? If you can’t see your favorite game mentioned anywhere during this article, be happy to recommend it using the comments section below.

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