4 Useful Instagram Tools To Boost Your Brand Growth

There are some useful Instagram tools by which you can actually boost your brand growth, Clocked at having over a billion active users to date, Instagram has long since grown from a casual social media platform to a crucial platform choice for businesses to use to stimulate brand growth. Many major companies and small businesses can be found on Instagram nowadays because they’re aware of the opportunity to reach potential customers there.

Useful Instagram Tools
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With that being said, it has become tedious to have to sift through the numerous tools that have popped up over the years that claim to help boost brand growth on the platform. Many of them claim to be effective, but they may end up wasting your company’s time and resources. Rather than taking the risk and testing out every tool you see, it’s best to do research beforehand and visit informative websites like Earthweb and others, so you can make the right decisions regarding tech trends.

On the topic of brand growth on Instagram, while there are numerous tools out there that claim to get the job done, here’s a condensed list of the best Instagram secrets and tools on the market that will help boost your brand growth to the next level.

4 Useful Instagram Tools

Here we are going to give you the best 4 useful Instagram tools that can actually help your brand growth and increase your sell through Instagram.

1. Combin

Combin is an Instagram marketing and content planning solution. It’s an all-around platform that can perform multiple functions, such as the implementation of growth strategies and stellar analytics, coupled with features that make using Instagram easier, like the scheduler for posts and stories. It can help businesses achieve organic and sustainable brand growth.

Making use of machine learning technology, it performs accurate analyses and identifies inefficiencies with an accuracy level above 90%.

There’s a free version you can sign up for to test out its many features. If you decide to pay for a package, you should note that it costs USD$15 a month for a personal account, while the business package is pegged at USD$30 a month.

With its many features, it can help you with the following:

  • Detecting when a user doesn’t follow back
  • Identifying your target audience
  • Identifying the relevant influencers for your account
  • Monitoring audience engagement
  • Scheduling posts and stories
  • Managing multiple accounts at the same time

Another important feature it has is the ability to search through Instagram and collect data on your competitors. This allows you to produce ads that target specific audiences, as well as study your competition’s moves.

2. Hubspot Ads Software

An important aspect of Instagram engagement is your advertising campaigns. Primarily, you should aim to create ads that don’t attack or barrage users but that draw them in naturally.

Useful Instagram Tools
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This is where Hubspot comes in. Hubspot ads software allows you to create ads and shows you how to manage them. In the process, it helps you track the performance of your ads not just on Instagram but on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google as well.

In tracking performance, Hubspot allows the user to determine which ads are generating the most leads. With that information, you will then be equipped to create better-targeted ads.

3. Foursixty

This is one of the most useful Instagram tools for businesses where making and improving direct sales is the top of the priority list. It’s a management platform engineered for making sales. It essentially turns your page into a gallery where people can view your products and shop based on the images posted.

Foursixty’s best selling point is in the way it allows you to capitalize on user-generated content. This is content that fans of your brand create and tag you in. This helps tremendously in creating brand awareness.

The system has an aggregation engine that monitors and collects information anytime a user tags or mentions your brand/product. This streamlines the content creation process and saves you a lot of time. It also helps you deal with digital rights management quite well, allowing you to use customer photos without worrying about copyright laws.

In addition, it specializes in tracking influencer marketers. It tracks new influencers on Instagram and assesses their performance according to their levels of engagement. This can help you decide which influencers to work with to increase your brand growth.

4. Leetags

Leetags is a free platform that deals exclusively in hashtag generation for Instagram. It’s a generator that offers the most relevant and popular hashtags for your posts at any given time. It can generate hundreds of hashtags using the parameters you give it, and you can simply copy and paste them into your posts.

A bonus quirk is that it gives you the option to save your search results, and it allows you to create a list of your favorite hashtags for future use, thus saving you time.


There are a vast number of useful Instagram tools out there that you can use to boost your brand growth, and this is by no means an exhaustive list. However, the tools mentioned above are guaranteed to help you increase your numbers and reach potential customers.

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