How to Start Using Web Development with Android

Web developers aren’t always at a desk with a computer or laptop in general. Sometimes, they’re in motion whether they’re commuting or going on vacation. However, as many digital workers can attest, even though vacation isn’t always about having a full-time job and sometimes, we’re able to by slipping in a few lines of code or changing the blog while sitting on the beach. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how you can work in web design using your Android smartphone. So, take your time to sell Pixel 6 Pro as you will still need it.

Web Development with Android

The web development process using the Android phone is feasible. If you wanted to, you could build entire websites from scratch and make sure they’re user-friendly ( because you’re building on an Android phone!). In this article, we’re going to provide strategies and apps to increase the efficiency of your web development using Android devices.

Connecting a cPanel to Android

To manage your hosting through cPanel There is an official cPanel app. There are a variety of third-party cPanel or WHM applications available on the Google Play store that you can test however for security purposes I would recommend sticking with the official cPanel application.

Install the app and start it. Then, tap the green + symbol to create an account. After that, configure it with your cPanel login details using the following information:

  • Name: The name is used for giving the account a name in the cPanel account, for example, “Account 1′.
  • Address the hostname or domain of the server that you connect to. You must have an active SSL certificate.
  • Service: Select the service you’re using on this account (cPanel Webmail, WHM, cPanel).
  • Users name: This is your username for your web hosting service.
  • Password also for your web hosting service provider.
  • EasyLogin gives you the choice of pin, password, fingerprint, or pattern access.

It is essential to be aware of the exact server address you should add according to your web hosting provider. Web hosts may provide different addresses according to the specific server they host you on. Ensure that you ensure that you have received your welcome email from your web host of choice.

If you don’t have an account manager for passwords for any other reason I would highly recommend you use one at the very least for your login to cPanel. A number of popular antivirus suites available for Android have password managers, so be sure to check out some of the reviews on AV-Best to determine which one is best for you (for instance, Avast vs Bitdefender).

Android Code Editors that support Web Development

While you won’t have all the features that are available on a PC code editor, such as Notepad++ or Sublime Text, however, there are amazing code editors available on Android which allow you to create web-based programming languages, such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS and more. Many code editors are available for Android and I’m going to focus on those that are the most popular with web developers specifically.


This is One of the most popular web dev tools available for Android It’s a complete IDE that allows web development in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. AIDE Web supports code completion that is extremely useful when you don’t use the OTG keyboard, and real-time error checking, and offers interactive lessons to help you improve your programming abilities.

AWD (Android Web Developer)

AWD is a rich and feature-rich editor for code that is compatible with PHP, CSS, JS, HTML, and JSON languages. It includes a highlighter of code codes, code completion, and an integrated search function that allows regular expressions. It also allows collaboration on projects using S/FTP/S and WebDAV. And the integration with Git is a plus.

WebMaster’s HTML Editor Basic

Source code editor that covers the basics. It supports HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP. It also comes with an inbuilt file explorer, as well as FTP Server support. It’s a light app that doesn’t come with a ton of features. However, like I said it does a great job at the fundamentals and is extremely speedy because of its simple method of operation.

Additional Android apps that can be useful to develop web applications

Below I’ll list a few applications that can be extremely useful in the field of web development, whether to check site statistics and site code or any other useful functions that do not necessarily need to do with programming.

Hacker’s Keyboard: In case you don’t have the OTG keyboard, then you’ll see that the majority of Android keyboards on screens don’t have traditional physical keyboard buttons, such as Tab/CTRL/Escape. They also do not support multi-touch for keys with mods (such as pressing shift+2 to make an “@” symbol). Hacker’s Keyboard, therefore, emulates a full keyboard and has multi-touch features.

RemoDB SQL Customer In the event of an emergency and require to connect to a remote MySQL database but you’re not close to a computer, you can download this application. It’s completely free and lets users access MySQL, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL, and SAP Sybase AES databases.

Adobe Capture: For web devs with a creative style, Adobe Capture CC offers several useful tools for creating websites. The “Type” feature allows users to upload a photo of any text and it then tries to locate the appropriate font type. The ‘Colors’ feature can provide you with a color palette to match the photo you upload. This is extremely useful in creating color palettes for your website.

WordPress app for managing the operation of a WordPress website. WordPress offers an official Android application. It allows you to upload and schedule posts, monitor the traffic on your site, use Jetpack Integration, as well as much more. The admin panel in the app doesn’t provide all the features you’d expect to find in the browser-based version of the WordPress administration panel, for instance, installing plug-ins or modifying your website’s CSS although some tasks require a PC.

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