Where is Samsung TV Made? Origins, Factories, Owner & More

As you curl up on your couch, eyes glued to the vibrant display of your Samsung TV, have you ever wondered where this sleek piece of technology is made and who is owner of Samsung?

Where are Samsung TVs Made

Behind the scenes, a fascinating story unfolds. From bustling production facilities to complex global supply chains, the journey of Samsung TV manufacturing is a tale of innovation and precision.

In this article, we’ll delve into the origins and process of Samsung TV manufacturing, exploring where Samsung TVs are made and how they come to life. So, grab your remote and join us on this captivating journey into the world of Samsung TV production!

Where is Samsung TV Made – An Overview

Even though Samsung is a Korean company, its TVs are assembled in Vietnam, Slovakia, Brazil, Mexico, Hungary, Russia, Slovenia, South Africa, and Korean factories. The accessories are made in Vietnam and Korea, while the screens are made in Korea before being transferred to other nations for final assembly.

Where Samsung TV Made

Samsung also has an outsourcing program whereby certain independent businesses from different nations assemble the parts from Korea and Vietnam and package them as TVs. The TVs are then delivered to various retailers. Samsung built several assembly facilities outside of its origin country to save shipping costs.

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Factories of Samsung TVs

About 70 different nations are home to Samsung’s numerous factories. However, most of the large factories are succinctly detailed below:

Where is Samsung TV Made
  • South Korea: Their TVs were initially produced in South Korea. Suwon saw the development of Samsung’s first substantial industrial complex. However, Samsung South Korea halted mass-producing TVs in June 2018. In South Korea, older models are still accessible. They are not often, though.
  • China: China was among the first few nations to do so, and Samsung set up a factory there. Their televisions have been produced in China since 1993. Samsung, however, ceased local TV manufacture in China by the end of 2020.
  • Mexico: Tijuana is home to the Mexican Samsung TV assembly facility. For the continents of South and North America, TVs are produced here. 18 million TVs are manufactured by Samsung annually.

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  • Vietnam: Several Vietnamese manufacturers that manufacture TVs supply nations in Asia, like China, India, and Malaysia. In the past, Samsung operated TV facilities in Malaysia and India, but both countries stopped making them. Samsung owns the largest plant in the world, which is situated in Vietnam. Samsung moved its production there after closing the TV factory there.
  • Brazil: Only Brazil manufactures televisions for South America. Since 1995, Samsung has produced a range of products in Brazil. Since South America has a big market for televisions, the Samsung Brazil factory may be able to produce more than 15 million TVs by 2023.
  • Russia: Samsung surpassed other electronics manufacturers in popularity among Russian consumers in 2008. Eastern European nations receive most of the TVs produced at the Russian factory in Kaluga.
  • Hungary: Hungary is another country in Europe that makes Samsung TVs. In Hungary’s Jászfényszaru, Samsung established a manufacturing factory. About 3000 locals were employed by the factory. And in 2014, Samsung opened a new facility in the same city to mark its 25th anniversary.
  • Slovakia: Samsung has also constructed two production sites in Slovakia. One of them had previously been closed. Voderady City was the location of the shuttered facility. The factory created TV components and shipped them to the leading producer.
  • Egypt: In Egypt’s MEA, Samsung has built its first manufacturing factory. In 2018, Samsung decided to make a second African TV factory at the Dube Tradeport. South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province is a logistical powerhouse. This South African facility can produce 5,000 items daily after spending $20 million.
  • Slovenia: Slovenia, not distant from Hungary, also houses a Samsung manufacturing factory. Some TVs sold in Europe, such as those in Russia and Hungary, are produced in Slovenia. Every sort of machinery and component is produced locally.

Who is Owner of Samsung TV?

Samsung has a complex ownership structure. The company is headquartered in South Korea and was founded in 1938 by Lee Byung-Chul. Today, Samsung is a family-controlled business known as a chaebol, a large, family-owned conglomerate in South Korea.

Samsung was founded by Lee Byung-Chul, who died in 1987 and was replaced by his son, Lee Kun-Hee. However, Lee Kun-Hee passed away in October 2020, and his son Lee Jae-Yong, frequently known as Jay Y. Lee, now serves as Samsung’s new CEO.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Samsung TVs manufactured?

The screen and parts are mainly manufactured in Korea and Vietnam. Most Samsung TVs are assembled in Vietnam, Slovakia, Brazil, Mexico, Hungary, Russia, Slovenia, South Africa, and Korean factories.

Are all Samsung TVs made in South Korea?

Though Samsung is a Korean company, not all TVs are made in South Korea. Only the parts and screens are manufactured in Korea; then, they are transferred for assembly to factories in 70 different countries.

Who makes Samsung Smart TV?

Samsung Smart TVs are manufactured by Samsung Electronics, which is a division of the Samsung conglomerate.

Is Samsung TV made in China original?

Samsung TVs manufactured in China are not genuine Samsung products in 2023, as Samsung closed its last remaining Chinese factory in 2019 and shifted to Vietnam.

Where are Samsung TVs made in Europe?

Most Samsung TVs made in Europe are assembled in Hungary, Slovenia, and Slovakia.


This article covered all about Samsung TV’s manufacturing location, which might be helpful to fulfill your knowledge with something new.

To save transportation costs, Samsung TVs are not manufactured in Korea. Samsung has factories in about 70 countries with multiple locations. The TV parts are manufactured in Korea or Vietnam and transported to different places worldwide for final assembly.

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